Christian Leader Angel Murchison on The Radio With Pastor Dewey Today


Today on the “World We Live In” at 12:05pm mt om KDAZ AM730 you can listen to Angel Murchison of Maine talk about the Right to Life movement in her state. Angel is a Christian leader and has been very active in standing in the gap for God on Biblical principles. Many of you already are acquainted with Angel as she has been on radio with me throughout the years and also writes for us at FGGAM. Angel also hosts one of the top radio programs in Maine.  Tune in to hear this strong women of God, this awesome prayer warrior today on KDAZ AM730, you can also listen live from this website by clicking on the AM730 banner! Pictured below is Angel Murchison.

Here is our most recent post on what is going on in the New Mexico Legislature concerning God’s babies…….these folks move so very slow……..

Lawmaker introduces bill putting limits on late-term abortions

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Angel Murcheson June 2007

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