It’s Sad That Politicians Honor Themselves and Dress to the Hilt


News and Views-DeweyIt’s sad that Politicians go to a gathering to honor themselves and dress to the hilt and pretend everything is great. Plenty of pomp and circumstance. Why don’t they fill those seats with the hungry, especially the hungry children, (I think all of the hungry children in New Mexico should have been invited to the state of the state, and fed a good meal) abused, unemployed, addicted, homeless Veterans, the mentally ill living on the streets. Leave empty chairs in honor for all the aborted babies, the babies that could have grown up to be true leaders in our Country, but we killed them.  And we as a people have the gull to dress up to the hilt and have good eats and celebrate.

I find that 90% of the words of  Politicians are empty promises. It is not your words and pomp and circumstance, it is your actions, the results of your Godly action, in helping those in need, just not your words. Look at the report card of America and New Mexico, we are failing.

The real issues of God are never addressed.

Many Politicians and Americans think very highly of themselves, they have huge EGO’s….EGO stands for Edging God out!

These State of the Union and State of the State speeches should be done in a Church before God, and seek His face in all we do.

America, are you afraid of God?

We have around 320 million people in this Country we live in, on a good Sunday only about 9 million of America is in Church on Sunday and how many of those Churches are FULL GOSPEL? Sad commentary on America.

As for me and my household we are in mourning for America.


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