Pray for NM Legislators to go “On the Record”

Pray for NM Legislators to go “On the Record”


By Tara Shaver
Albuquerque, NM– Today’s ABQ Journal editorial is no doubt sending shock waves through the pro-abortion community and giving pro-lifers another glimpse of hope for the state of New Mexico.

The editorial titled Legislature should vote on late-term abortion ban” represents the newspaper as a whole in echoing our charge to the legislative body to enact some type of pro-life legislation this session. It is a divine intervention that not only are the 3 bishops in the state calling for a late term abortion bill this session, Governor Martinez says she’d support such a bill and the state’s leading newspaper is calling for legislators to go on the record!

God is so intricately and perfectly aligning this, we are AMAZED! As we reflect on this past year and consider that the formation of Protest ABQ was a direct response to the failed referendum in November 2013 we are now starting to see the fruit of our efforts. We were obviously incredibly disappointed by the loss but a late-term abortion bill would NEVER have even been remotely on the radar of possible bills to introduce without the education, awareness and scrutiny that the referendum produced.

We realize that people may not have understood or fully supported our Protest ABQ efforts over the past year but we believe that God is using ALL of the pro-life efforts statewide including those of Protest ABQ to perfectly align the opportunity for those in authority to seek justice on behalf of our pre-born neighbors.

Now is the time for our legislators to not only go on the record but to go a step further and enact a bill that will cripple the abortion industry in the state.

Join with us in prayer that this becomes a reality for the greater good of New Mexico.

An article titled “Activists plan to push lawmakers for abortion restrictions” from the NM Poiltical Report was published on January 21st, which is a perfect summary of our Protest ABQ efforts that have culminated up to this point and the perfect tag team interview by Fr. Stephen Imbarrato and Tara.

Read the article here: Activists plan to push lawmakers for abortion restrictions

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

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