Edgewood, NM Woman is Found Safe in Clovis, NM


PRAISE GOD! FGGAM News just received news from Frank Haley of KDAZ AM730 that Brittany Redford-Gonzales of Edgewood, New Mexico who had been missing has been located in Clovis, New Mexico:  A 25-year-old intellectually challenged woman has been found safe 18 days since she was last seen at her family home in Edgewood.

Brittany Redford-Gonzales was found in Clovis on Sunday with an ex-boyfriend and his mother.


Here is how we first reported the story:


brittany25 year old Brittany Redford-Gonzales of Edgewood, New Mexico has been missing since New Year’s Day. Joline Gutierrez in today’s Albuquerque Journal wrote an outstanding column on Brittany. It is on today’s front page.

Brittany was last seen at 12:15 am Jan 1st at her parents’ home on Turner Ridge in Edgewood, New Mexico. She is 25, intellectually disabled, 5 foot 5, 125 pounds, with brown hair and eyes, a tattoo of Tweety Bird on her upper right arm and a heart tattoo on her left shoulder.

Anyone with information is asked to call Torrance County Sheriff’s Office at 505- 246-4773 or Emergency Dispatchers at 505-384-9631

This is posted on Brittany’s Facebook:

“another day and nothing new to report… we hit the streets again today, the streets from Edgewood to Clovis, and every town, truck stop, rest area, and gas station in between… i am so grateful and thankful to all of you… we have had almost 10,000 views to this page and 343 likes which is amazing… im going to tell you how you are all helping in our search by sharing her info with everyone you know… i thought it was amazing when we would talk to people in Edgewood and give fliers and they already were aware of her info because they saw it on FB, and than when we went to ABQ and talked to people and handed out fliers a lot of people said yes i have seen her on FB… and today when we went to Clovis and handed out fliers and talked to people a lot of them said i have seen her on FB… again thank you all so very much… please keep sharing her picture and her info and keeping your eyes and ears open… God Bless you all!!!”

Missing Edwood girlLet us all gather and pray constantly for Brittany’s safe return home! In Jesus name AMEN!


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