King of Jordan: “We Are In World War III”


We have been saying this for months here at FGGAM that we are in World War III! Kudos to the King of Jordan for being so honest! We need to realize that we are in a fight for our lives as American’s and wake up to the fact that we are in a Word War, despite the denial of Obama and his inept gang. Jordan KingAn Israeli General told me that , “I pray it does not take a mass killing in America to wake you people up.” I encourage us to all pray for the leadership of the United States that it returns to God and His guidance. I pray that we do not have to have another 9/11 to wake up America. Without Ground troops we will never defeat the Islamic State! Where are the leaders in America that will tell us the truth? The Islamic State is out to destroy the world as we know it. America as a whole is asleep at the deadly threat the Islamic State is to us and the world,this so much reminds me of the start of WW II. America is in a tough spot with an inept President, the worst in our history and a Congress that just is plain lost, both Republicans and Democrats. No leadership…Know one to tell us the truth, that we are in WW III. Today’s politicians don’t want to tell the American people the truth(maybe it is because they live in darkness and not the light of Jesus Christ)  all they care about is reelection and lining their pockets. There are exceptions, like New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce and to few others.I do not think America is prepared for two more years of hell with Obama as President and a do nothing Congress, times are going to get tougher, not easier for the world and America.   Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned Friday that the fight against Islamic State
militants is a “third world war,” as President Barack Obama pledged a sizable US
aid increase to his country.

America Bless God, return to God and do not be fearful, face the truth: The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?Psalm 27:1

You who fear him, trust in the LORD– he is their help and shield. Psalm 115:11


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