HORRIFIC! European Court Orders Delisting of Hamas as Terror Organization


Hamas suicide bombers with a Palestinian child (Illustrative)This is just plain horrific!  A decision by the General Court of the European Union, the EU’s second highest court, to remove the Islamist terror militia Hamas from the EU’s list of terrorist entities led to a chorus of condemnation from Israeli officials on Wednesday. “The burden of proof is on the EU and we expect them to immediately return Hamas to the list where everyone realizes they should be,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization whose charter says that its aim is to destroy Israel. We will continue to fight it with determination and strength so that it will never realize its aims.” Read More

Morning Inspiration: The man asked him “What is your name?” “Jacob” he answered. Then the man said “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.”

The amazing nation of Israel is named after this complex, and Biblically significant man. As it was in his life, the nation of Israel has historically struggled, but always overcome. The Bible promises that will always be the case, even in the end, with the days that many of us believe are soon to come. Pray for the nation of Israel, and our Jewish brothers and sisters, whom we are related to, through God grafting us into their family tree.

Steve Stucker

Men’s Ministry Team
New Covenant Church


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