Why I Cleaned Up Their Mess


Running the social media pages for Son Broadcasting, I come across lots of cute sayings, Tweet-worthy quotes, and pictures of everything from cats to vacations. There are no lack of videos of people wiping out on skateboards, or elephants painting pictures. Most of it doesn’t catch much of my attention.

Today however, I came across a Spanish language (with subtitles) commercial/video for IKEA. It made me cry and once again caused me to ask myself how I am spending time with my children.

We have some good laughs together. There are countless conversations about choices, boys, homework and character. Yet, I was convicted that much of my time with them is distracted. The demands on my time are heavy, and I find myself spinning more plates than I probably should.

When I came home at lunch time today, I found the kitchen wrecked. The girls had obviously made cookies before they left for school. But, based on the caked-on remains that covered the cookie sheets, it was evident that they hadn’t been very successful.

My options were: leave the mess and make them (rightfully so) clean up the kitchen after school or clean it up myself and allow time for us to make a successful batch of cookies this afternoon. I’m not suggesting that the lesson be “leave your mess, and let mom pick it up” but after weighing my options, I choose planned, purposeful, uninterrupted time with my children this afternoon.

They will learn how to do dishes and to pick up after themselves. But the only one who can teach them to have a great relationship with their mother is me!

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