The War on Christmas

The ACLU is out to destroy a lot more than the public observance of Christmas. But at this time of year, that’s where the battle starts.
War on Christmas

Whenever religious liberty is under attack in America — especially when Christmas rolls around — you will find the ACLU or its allies. But by God’s grace, and as you help make it possible, Alliance Defending Freedom will also be there, building on a growing record of success in defending and reclaiming your religious freedom.
Dear Dewey,

As outrageous as what you’re about to read may seem, it actually happened. The war on Christmas is real. And it could impact a community near you.

  • The Ramsey County, Minnesota, courthouse banned red poinsettias because someone deemed them a “Christian symbol.”
  • The city of Pittsburgh renamed Christmas “Sparkle Days,” so no one would be offended by “Christmas.”
  • The Indiana University School of Law removed a Christmas tree and replaced it with a generic depiction of winter.
  • In Rochester, Minnesota, two 13-year-old girls were suspended from school for wearing red-and-green scarves and saying “Merry Christmas” in a school video.

This time of year, the ACLU and its allies target Christmas. And over the years, their efforts have taken a heavy toll on our culture.

Many school and local government officials have become so intimidated that they make rash judgments about what is — and what is not — legal.

But you can help defeat the attacks on Christmas and protect your religious freedom.

Fighting and winning — for you!

Thanks be to God, Alliance Defending Freedom wins more than 3 out of every 4 cases. With your help, we’ve been fighting for Christmas — and those who celebrate it — for decades. Time after time, you’ve helped turn back the ACLU’s attacks on Christmas. In just the last few years, we:

  • Fought and won for Katie Ayers, a 5th-grader from Pennsylvania, when officials from her school tried to prevent her from handing out invitations to her church’s Christmas party to her friends.
  • Helped a courageous South Carolina student convince a school board that it was on solid legal ground in allowing student-selected religious Christmas carols to be included in a seasonal band concert.
  • Stood up for students and America’s veterans when a group of high school students visiting patients at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia, was banned from singing religious carols.

And these are just the beginning!

Often, simply informing schools or local governments about the truth is enough. But the ACLU and its allies are ramping up their efforts again. We must be prepared to fight.

Please give generously today to turn back the latest attacks on Christmas.

Protecting your heritage and the freedoms you cherish

Of course, the ACLU and its allies are out to eradicate a lot more than public observances of Christmas. They seek to strip America of its Judeo-Christian values and heritage. The ACLU has virtually unlimited resources at its disposal. Alliance Defending Freedom depends completely on God’s provision through His people.

Your gift today will help stop the dangerous agenda of the ACLU and its allies!

Please give generously today. Preserving and protecting your heritage, your values, and your religious freedom could depend on it!

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