Why The Turmoil? Here’s The Bottom Line……


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As many of you know I was blessed to have worked with and hire Frank Haley as the newsman at KKIM radio in Albuquerque. During that time Frank got his due—-being elected into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame! Amen! Frank has blessed the airwaves of America for over 50 years! I have also included a picture of Frank and Alice because they are celebrating 38 years of marriage this week! AWESOME! Frank sent me this note this morning, the bottom line! A bitter pill for America to swallow………Dewey, the reason we are having this turmoil of youth today, we have raised two
or possibly three generations that do not respect authority. Many homes don’t
have a dad to discipline the children. They grow up not wanting to be told to do
anything, they don’t want their teachers telling them what to do, don’t want
police telling them what to do, don’t want preachers telling them what to do,
they disrespect of authority. That’s the problem. They say! Don’t tell me what
to do. We must pray 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Frank and

Simple, but very true……….the bottom line, read the book, it’s pretty good, I know the ending, do you?  Thanks Frank!

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