The Temple Mount and the Tolerance of Idol Worshippers


The temple mount in Jerusalem has been in the news of late. Temple_Mount_Aerial_viewDevout Jewish believers have been demanding the right to pray on the temple mount in recent weeks.

Rabbi Yehudah Glick is a central figure in the campaign make the temple mount a place of prayer for all people. He was shot four times by a Palestinian gunman outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in central Jerusalem on the night of October 29.

Israel has had control of the temple mount since it was liberated in the six days war of 1967.As the Israelis rapidly took the Old City, an Israeli flag was hoisted atop the Dome of the Rock.

At the moment of takeover, the army’s chief rabbi urged General Narkiss to blow up the Dome. The General flatly rejected the idea. When Defense Minister Moshe Dayan arrived, he ordered the Israeli flag removed from the Dome. A week later, Dayan met with Muslim leaders to turn over the “administrative affairs” of the Mount to the Islamic Waqf Authority, which had administered it for centuries. Israel would control “security.”

The temple mount has been run this way ever since. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly pledged in recent days to preserve the status quo on the Temple Mount.

But was is the “status quo”?

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