UPDATED 11/24/14 8:24am: Iran Nuclear Deal Not Happening


This is no real surprise! No one has the guts to go after Iran other than Israel. As Pastor Larry Moss said last week on FGGAM’s  “The World We Live In” (Mondays at 12:05 pm mt on KDAZ AM730 Albuquerque or live streaming from this website, just click on the KDAZ banner) even if Iran did sign a deal, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it is written on. Nuclear deal with Iran ‘nearly impossible,’ negotiators seek plan B


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Negotiations with Iran go down to the wire

Iran's renegade nuclear program (GRAPHIC)With a deadline looming at midnight Monday for a deal between Iran and the P5+1 nuclear powers, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave interviews with several Western media outlets to make clear that the Jewish State would “will always reserve the right to defend itself against any threat with its own power” if an agreement is reached which Israel considers insufficient to guarantee it won’t suffer a nuclear attack from the Islamic Republic. Netanyahu defined as a “bad deal” any agreement “that would allow Iran to remain with thousands of centrifuges which it could use to enrich uranium, which you need for a nuclear bomb, in a short period of time.” Meanwhile, Iranian diplomats signaled their continued unwillingness to accept the generous terms offered by the West, leading to widespread speculation that another extension of talks would soon be forthcoming. Read More

Listen to last weeks “The World We Live In” and our conversation on Iran with longtime Christian radio commentator Pastor Larry Moss:

The World We Live In Radio Podcast 11-17-14 with Pastor Dewey Moede

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