God’s Glory Shined Throughout Son Broadcasting’s Banquet


Steve Pearce bookPastor Bill Ruhl, who is also Vice Chairman of FGGAM, attended Son Broadcasting’s Banquet last night at the Hyatt in downtown Albuquerque, Sharon and I were so very blessed to also attend and I was so super blessed to say the opening prayer, thank you Lord for that Godly honor. I have been in broadcasting since 1978, in Christian broadcasting since 1986, the Lord has trained me up to know the genuine thing, the genuine Christian broadcaster, and that is Son Broadcasting! The family of Blackie Gonzales and staff so much loves our Lord, the light that Son Broadcasting shines not only in New Mexico, but throughout the world shines brighter than ever. The love of Jesus that Son Broadcasting shows us all, is such a testimony! The Hyatt banquet room was full last night!

Here is Pastor Bill’s report from last night……..

After an evening of celebration with many friends together at the Son Broadcasting Fall Banquet, I spent the rest of the night in the Throne Room watching Jesus model how to stand before men. He refused to dignify an accusation with an argument, but honored only the Truth declaring, “It is as you say, I AM a KING!” and clarifying the world’s misunderstanding with revelation, “My Kingdom is not of this world…I came into this world to bear witness to the Truth and everyone who is of the Truth hears My voice!”
Through a number of speakers we heard the Lord say it is time for those that hear His voice to become a voice. He is looking for a flock of “gritty” sheep, who are humble enough to bow down in prayer (Pastor Dewey Moede)before their King, broken enough to operate under His Blood and in the Power of His Holy Spirit Anointing (Worshiper Carlene Prince), and not bound by fear because of the circumstances they find themselves battling against, but free to “Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!” (CongressmanSteve Pearce)
The Lord is calling us to do what we have been trained to do. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture; a flock that is to be noisy among men and follow their King, the Lord, as they break out and pass through the gate! We have been called to become a “Voice” capable of turning around the chairs of the judges, by speaking a word in season to a nation that has grown weary. Let the shofar sound (Dr. Dennis Otero) as an awakening, attentive, alarm…”Awake, awake O sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light!” Great night…not much sleep, but a great night!

Thank you for sharing Pastor Bill, Bill’s lovely angel Monica was their last night also. It was also great to see so many of our friends last night including FGGAM Board member, New Mexico Watchman Jose Vasquez and his lovely wife Miki and New Mexico Hall-of-Fame Broadcaster Frank Haley and his angel Alice. Did you know that there are only two Christian broadcasters in the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall-of-Fame? Yep, Blackie Gonzales and Frank Haley who started his radio life over 50 years ago in Texas then to New Mexico and KOB AM News/Talk  then into Christian radio having served at KFLQ FM and now at KKIM AM in Albuquerque. I strongly encourage you to support Son Broadcasting and to purchase Congressman Steve Pearce’s book! Everyone present last night got a free book courtesy of Son Broadcasting! What a speech he made last night, had not heard a politician make a speech like that in so very long! That is because Congressman Pearce is not a politician, he is a man of God. Congressman Pearce encouraged us all to be a voice for God in the world and do not grow weary, have grit!

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