Not a Few!



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Acts 17:4

And some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas; and of the devout Greeks a great multitude, and of the chief women not a few.

Elevated to an uncommon plateau, the women of Acts 17 must have made quite the impression on Luke, the writer of the book of Acts.  Important women in the community now consorting with the Christians and being saved… and not just a few of them! My oh my, what a testimony of the influence that we can have on our communities. If women of that day, who were more often than not viewed as a piece of property, could influence a multitude of people in their city, what can we accomplish if we’d set our minds to it.

It’s been a heavy burden on my heart lately that I don’t speak out as often or as boldly as I should; that I waste more time than I can afford on nonsense when I should be about the Master’s business. There are days I wish I was as brave as those street preachers who sacrifice themselves on the altar of ugly. Because that’s how people treat them when they see them open air preaching… ugly! I know why, because they’re convicting, but that doesn’t make it right in this supposed free country. Everyone wants the freedom speak their mind but Christians are not allowed to have an opinion at all. And not until the anarchy that’s making its way across American in rapid speed takes the rights of non-Christian’s as well, will they understand. But enough of that soapbox.

My point here today is defining your chiefdom. We’re all famous in our own world but what are we doing with that influence. I have no doubt that my children love me, they both verbalize it quite often for  which I’m grateful, but how much do I use that influence to encourage them for Christ? I try not to be a nag about church… I know it will have an adverse effect. After all they’re grown women. But am I vocal enough in a non-judgmental way to let them know that time is running out? Look at our world and the control that the Islamic State has over us by inciting fear. It consumes the television news and the internet cyberspace constantly. So instead of talking about Jesus, we’re talking about them… there’s something wrong with that.

Today we need to talk about Jesus. You’re a chief in your own land… use it wisely today. Commit to talking about Jesus as much as they’re talking about Islam. If we all did that, we’d influence “not a few!”

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