Jesus, Man, or God?


Jesus, Man, or God?

Jesus, Man, or God?

How often do you read up on the history of the Christian Church? How often do you read your Bible? Do you know what you believe? Do you know if Jesus was a man or God or both when He was on earth? Does it even matter when it comes to your salvation?

“People have died over questions like these”

People have died over questions like these and the early church was split and continues to split over doctrine that seems so trivial at times? But is it trivial? The Christian church has a beautiful and sometimes tragic history.

I love learning about my family history, about my ancestors and my cultural heritage. Who doesn’t? People can get so offended if you insult their race, their families, or their ancient ancestors. They also get flattered when you’re able to guess their heritage. I love it when people are able to tell me I’m Danish because of something as simple as my face shape. I get all proud and shoulders up. My sister does the same thing when people notice her Native American resemblance. Well I love my Christian family, my family in Jesus. And I love to learn about my ancestors in this amazing family. I walk in their footsteps carrying on our surname of Christ. And so do you!

We have such a rich family history. Check it out. Read up. So many have died for our future, the future of our family. So many have worked hard making the theology of the Bible simple to understand. So many have stories that can inspire and comfort. Some are heroes while at the same time being full of faults.

So bringing it back to the question of “Jesus, Man, or God?” was Jesus man or God on earth and “Is knowing this important when it comes to salvation?”. Check out the Council of Chalcedon held in 451 AD. Maybe you already have an answer but where did yours come from and was it always obvious to believers? God’s truth will always be revealed but it is interesting to see that on a wide scale sometimes it takes centuries and bloody persecution. Jesus knew His Jewish history maybe we should honor Him by knowing ours.


  1. The Bible (the Word of God) is very clear about the Divine Creator being the God of gods, who said about the Nazarene man baptised by his nephew in the river Jordan, that it was God His son. The son of man Jeshua (Jesus Christ) also never claimed to be God, to whom he also prayed and learned his followers to pray and agreed with the previous rabbis and prophets that the God of Abraham should be the only God to be worshipped.

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