Islamic State Changes Up Game Plan Since Airstrikes


ISIS 3I was telling a strong Republican yesterday that ground troops are needed to defeat the Islamic State. I said I wish Harry Truman was alive he would take care of it, and this Republican said, “Yes, even FDR would.” President Reagan would also take care of such evil. Harry Truman once said, “They thought I was giving them hell, I was just telling them the truth.” That is LEADERSHIP! I am here to tell you that this war with the Islamic State will not be won without troops on the ground, I have been saying this for weeks. War is hell. Hell on earth is spreading. It is foolish to think otherwise. Islamic State militants
are changing tactics in the face of U.S. Arab allies have joined in and this
week Denmark and Britain both pledged fighter jets to Iraq but not Syria. The
air strikes have by no means crippled the Islamic State.

Also this from FGGAM:

Woman Beheaded Another Stabbed at Vaughan Foods in Moore, OK Pastor Paul Holt Reports

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