Obama: The Media Makes You Think “The World Is Falling Apart”


A few months ago a poll was taken asking Americans who they believed was the worst President since WWII, Obama won that honor and he keeps proving that he is the worst. In my mind he is the worst President in our history. If the Republicans had any guts they would have impeached him long ago, the man is incompetent. America is suffering from the worst President and Congress in it’s history. First the President admits to the world he has no strategy to fight ISIS, and now he says, “the media makes you think the world is falling apart”, well Mr. President with leadership like yours, yes it is, you have failed us and the world, the ISIS is the greatest threat to the world since Hitler:  thehill.com/homenews/admin…Reserve Obama sign 25 miles out of Datl Picture taken near Reserve, New Mexico

Also more here from FGGAM News:

ISIS on the Rise at America’s Border as Obama Admits “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet”

Vatican Downplays ISIS Threat To Pope Francis

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