Minnesota Town Elects ‘Duke The Dog’ As Mayor


Dog is MayorWell, after being in the news business for almost 40 years now I say, “It’s about time!” Cormorant, Minnesota has elected a dog as Mayor! If you know anything about me, I love dogs! We have two ministry dogs here at FGGAM, Buffy and Reno. I am tired of poor leadership in the United States from the President on down. I’m really sick and tired of poor leadership in New Mexico. I have said for years, “Dogs have more common sense that many people.” They have qualities I pray more people get: Love, compassion and loyalty. If you meet a mean dog, you can bet some nut case human being trained him  or her to be that way. Humans to bad things to dogs. Just a few weeks ago, there was a man in Moriatry, New Mexico who killed the family dog and served it for dinner, that’s how messed up humans can get, or the thugs or thug who poured acid over a dog a few weeks ago in Hobbs, New Mexico.  You see what I mean by dogs having more common sense than many people? I could go on and on, about people allowing abortion, the killing of babies in New Mexico……..But let’s turn our attention to the new Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, Duke, who won by a landslide. You go DUKE!
ind.pn/1urU8QX pic.twitter.com/6h7WmwKUOfbuffy and Reno
Pictured here at top is Duke with news reporter and below Buffy and Reno, FGGAM Ministry dogs who go on calls with me to help minister to people.

Our Vet tells us that animal cruelty in New Mexico is way out of control: Here is what human beings will do:

Satanic Activity: New Mexico Man Kills His Dog And Serves It For Dinner

And what humans will do to other humans:

More Abortions In New Mexico?

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