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Pastor Dewey Moede: This is my testimony to the world: FGGAM is coming up on 2 years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ on Sept. 1st. I know we are just babies! We are in AWE of GOD for what HE is doing here. This ministry is made up of over 30 volunteers who chug along each day attempting to bring the light of Jesus Christ to one person at a time. News and inspiration from a Biblical perspective. Over the last 2 years I have been so blessed to preach in many churches, and taking part in such Godly events such as Karen Rowe”s revival in North Carolina, Karen does such an outstanding work for our Lord at ‘Hope In Today’. Performing marriages and baptisms….it’s all for the Glory of God! Doing our radio and past TV programs to reach the world is also such a blessing! Providing counseling and then connecting people to a specific counselor or Pastor and church has been so wonderful to see! And then to see what has taken place at FGGAM.ORG just blows me away! Reaching some days over 20,000 people with news and inspiration……I am in AWE of God! These are just some of the things the Lord has us doing for His Glory Alone! Amen!

My life verse is……Acts 20:24……My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. I mean that with all my heart and soul…….I will die for Jesus Christ.

It is a beautiful thing when you find your true mission from God! Amen! So I am the most blessed person with God and my wife, Sharon who has stood with me as I walked away from a full-time, good paying job, to enter full-time ministry. Our kid’s have stood with us also along with Buffy and Reno our ministry dogs.

This ministry, in just this past year alone has touched just over a half million people one way or another, in person, on radio,  TV, YouTube, iTunes, Dewey’s Daily Cup, or at FGGAM.ORG .

We have so many folks to thank, like all of our volunteer writers! Only God could have put this talented team together, it just unfolded for His Glory! Amen! We thank all of those who financially support FGGAM, as without you, we would not be here. We thank all of you who pray for us each day.

We are going to share with you over the next few weeks some comments from people about their thoughts on FGGAM:

I first met Dewey way back in the mid 2010’s when he contacted me needing information on a supplement. From that point on we’ve become dear friends who’ve yet to meet in person. I’ve seen the Lord dramatically grow Dewey’s appointed and anointed ministry especially in the last two years with the launch of fggam. I deeply appreciate being a part of its team in regards to contributing health news articles and the fun times he’s had me on his radio show via phone. Thank you Dewey for faithfully allowing me to minister to the worldwide fggam family. The Lord bless you and your precious family and the Lord continue to supernaturally expand your influence. Sincerely, Joe Fawcett, DC in Plano, Texas

Thank you Dr. Joe, you are such a wonderful blessing!!! We are so thankful for your postings here at FGGAM!

Please pray for Sharon, me and the kid’s….we have been under increasing satanic attacks. Thank you for your prayers for us all of here at FGGAM! We love you all.

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