Gary Bauer Reports: Open Borders Backlash, 50 VA Whistleblowers And More


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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From: Gary L. Bauer

Open Borders Backlash

Monday President Obama pledged to “go it alone” on immigration reform, and now he is being urged to “go big.” According to various reports, pro-amnesty advocates are calling on Obama to unilaterally rewrite the nation’s immigration laws “to essentially legalize the millions of undocumented immigrants who would be eligible for work permits under the bill passed by the Senate last summer.”

Nearly two-thirds of Americans already disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling immigration. Unilaterally granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants would be politically explosive.

We have suggested recently that civil disobedience would become more likely as left-wing elites in politics, media and big business aggressively continue their mad rush to “fundamentally transform” America. You can only push a patient and tolerant people so far.

Yesterday we saw the first signs of a possible backlash in the small community of Murrieta, California. The federal government has tried twice to relocate illegal immigrants to a processing facility in Murrieta, but backed down after objections from local officials.

When the federal government ignored the people and tried to bus in more than 100 illegal immigrants yesterday, flag-waving citizens of Murrieta blocked the roads. The buses were forced to turn around. There have been similar, if less dramatic, episodes around the country, even in predominantly liberal communities like Baltimore.

Randon Lane, a Murrietta City Council member, commented, “We have money to take them from Texas, fly them to San Diego, bus them up to Murrietta, and then turn around and ship them off to some other place — we have the money to do that — we just don’t have the money to secure our borders? So, yes, it seems very odd.”

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long wrote in a statement, “Murrieta expects our federal government to enforce our laws, including the deportation of illegal immigrants caught crossing our borders, not disperse them into local communities.”

Millions of Americans share the outrage of Mayor Long and Councilman Lane, and the simmering frustration of the American people is beginning to boil over.

Civil disobedience tends to happen when government actions are seen as overbearing and unjust. There is often a second condition too: people engage in civil disobedience as a last resort when they see no countervailing power willing to confront the injustice.

People go to a town hall to yell about deficit spending when they fear their children’s futures are being stolen and no one is stopping it. They stand with a rancher, march for marriage or block buses because they don’t see a political party aggressively defending their rights, values and the sovereignty of their country.

More Nuggets From The News

  • The border may be open, but the government wants health care workers to shut their mouths. Fox News reports that medical workers and doctors treating illegal immigrants at the border have been threatened with arrest if they warn the public about the health risks they are witnessing.

  • More than 50 VA whistleblowers have lodged complaints alleging retaliation for their attempts to expose wrong-doing.

    Corruption and incompetence appear to be endemic throughout the bureaucracy. Two weeks ago, Suzanne Chase received a letter notifying her that the VA finally had an appointment available for her husband, Doug. There is just one problem: Douglas Chase passed way from brain cancer TWO YEARS AGO.


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