A Tuesday Evening Cup With Dewey, It’s Overflowing! PTL!


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

I know this is not the World Cup!, so thanks for coming by!

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Please join us in prayer for FGGAM news reporter Rick Stambaugh as he is set to have shoulder surgery on Wednesday. We pray for wisdom for the Doctor’s and nurses and for peace and strength for Rick and speedy healing, in Jesus name, Amen!

Dan of KDAZ said this week on our show that most Americans are aware whats going on at the World Cup, but not in the world! Amen!

Please listen to our radio program on the fast moving world..Iran and the United States fighting together in Iraq???

Please read this and also listen to our program right here:

Here is an email that we got today from Eric and Chris after they heard “The World We Live In” on KDAZ AM730.Dewey-and-Pastor-Paul-Holt1-300x225 (1)

Shalom Dewey & Paul!

Heard the Radio Show today on my way back from an appointment. Totally agree with you both about “Old” hymns not being sung enough these days. Eric and I call them CLASSICS/BASICS/SOUL FOOD :-)! I sang as Dewey gave the words to “Jesus is All the World to Me”.

Also agree with you about too few paying attention to what and how fast God’s World is changing. Bolded God’s World – we gotta remember that He’s entrusted us to be caretakers. How do we do that, if we’re not vigilant – in the Very Words of God and current events. Our adversaries certainly are – both to doctrine and opportunity. They force folks in their countries and countries they dominate to submit to their doctrine.

Thanks and Bless you both for keeping us informed on current events AND the significance of obeying the Very Words of God!

Shalom Uv’rakhah (Peace and Blessing), Love and Hugs,
Eric and Chris

Thank you Eric and Chris for the encouragement! Kind words are like honey—-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

If you missed today’as program here it is:

The World We Live In Radio Podcast 6-16-14 with Pastors Dewey Moede and Paul Holt

Since Sunday I have witnessed many victories for the Lord. Rick Warren said at last week’s Southern Baptist Convention that if your ministry is not under attack, you have no ministry! Amen to that. After the victories and the proclamations I made this past Sunday and Monday I was struck to the floor last night in severe pain. Spiritual warfare. I am better tonight. Rick Warren also said this years ago, “I pray the devil hates you!” Praise God!

My Day started out with a meeting with Dear friend Ken………..Please read this story, please pray about supporting our work for God..

Spending The Morning With FGGAM Supporter Ken Widelski

Please listen to my Father’s Day message at the Reserve Baptist Church:

Testimonies Of Our Lord At Work-Father’s Day Sermon Podcast By Pastor Dewey Moede

Please listen to this program that aired in the state of Maine, I was the guest of our Dear friend Angel Murchison:

Dewey Moede appears on “Destiny Moments” with Angel Murchison

I had none of this planned,  God is at work here at FGGAM, please pray about being a monthly supporter so we can stay above the line! We would be so ever grateful! Amen! Dewey and Ken

Picture is of me with Ken Widelski  this morning in Albuquerque. Ken and his wife, Naomi,  our loyal monthly supporters of FGGAM. PRAISE GOD! Please see the story in this CUP!

Remember if any images do not show in your email, go to FGGAM.ORG and the CUP is right there on the front page in full living color!

Let me share with you a couple of important items:

Today I called an old friend that I have not seen in almost two years. Her name is Yvette. I had ministered to her for years, I have continued to pray for her. Today, Yvette told me she has become a christian and married a christian!! PRAISE GOD! We must pray constantly, we must pray constantly for those we are ministering to….even if we do not see them for years……look at what has happened! Yvette and her husband have God in their lives! Amen! She was  Catholic, and was blessed to tell me today, she has found God and a Godly husband and is very happy!

On the program on the Maine radio station with Angel, I talk about obedience. Late today I had to run a microphone to Isaac our CTO to use, and I had to pick up Sharon’s medicine, on the way, God said turn around and go toward home, I kept driving, then God said, “TURN AROUND!” I did and came upon a two car accident near our home, I was able to come to the aide of one of the accident victims and call the Fire Dept and rescue. God knew I was needed, had me turn around and serve the folks. We must be obedient when God is calling us! He needed me at the accident scene. Two women were involved in the wreck and they both are doing great! PTL!

Being obedient………it is coming up on 2 years for FGGAM, Sept. 1st! God had been saying to me to leave KKIM and I drug my feet, things that normally went smooth, became tough, because God wanted me out preaching and serving. Three people came to see me and said, “God told me to tell you that He wants you out of the radio station preaching for Him, serving His people”. We must be obedient, or things go wrong. We must be in alignment with God, when we become out of alignment with God in anything, His covering begins to be removed, not completely, but the removal begins. Just as here in the United States as we as a country turn our backs on God, He removes His covering, that is why so many things are going wrong in this country, America has turned it’s back on God, we are no longer obedient to Him.

My friends, is there anything in your life that you are not being obedient to God?

Key point here is that to hear God, to hear what you are to be doing with your life for God, you must have a personal relationship with Him. Your ears must be clear and tuned in.

Did you know that now in the United States most homes do not have a Bible in them!

Saw my first window sticker ever on the back of a truck in Albuquerque stating that:” I’m A Socialist” It was in black, of course. America continues to fall away from God, now Americans have window stickers declaring themselves, “Socialists”!

Please pray for me and my family and doggys, and all the volunteers here at FGGAM as we go forth in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ!

I leave you with this……….in the last 30 days FGGAM has reached over 400,000 people through the website that God has given us! This is all God. I am in awe of my God. New York City is our number two city. Albuquerque remains number one. We covet your prayers.

For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Family, and FGGAM Team.

Let us keep praying for each other and our families!

































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