Search Continues For Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers


Kidnapped Israeli teenagers (IDF Blog)Let us continue to pray! The search for Israeli teenagers Naphtali Fraenkel, Gil- Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrach continued on Tuesday following a statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to IDF Central Command HQ in Jerusalem, which said; “We are here in the midst of a complex operation . We need to be prepared for the possibility that it may take time. This is a serious event and there will be serious consequences. We are currently focused on one mission – bringing the boys, our boys who were abducted, home. We are also operating against Hamas. In recent days we have also seen an attempt to open an additional front in the Gaza Strip . We have taken strong action in response to this firing. If need be, we will take even stronger action. I promise that those who try to attack Israeli citizens will be hit.” Read More

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