God Hates Cowards, Let Us Be Bold For Jesus Christ, Let’s Have A Cup Together!


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,


First if all I want to say I am sorry for not getting a CUP out yesterday! It was a very busy doing some things that I have avoided! Like going to the Doctor for a check up! Sharon has been after me to go for 3 years! I am stubborn at times! LOL! My blood work came back very good for the most part except my blood sugar is at 145! I have stopped drinking soda right now! Also no donuts and pie for this guy! More exerciser! Got to hit the tread mill more! I will be doing further tests on my sugar level this week. Please pray for me! I had to go to the Doctor twice yesterday with all this going on, also Reno was bleeding from his previous surgery, he got a “fox tail” stuck in his pee pee. Sorry if that grossed you out!  So sad for the little guy, he was in much pain! I had to make two runs to Sharon’s work yesterday and had the RADIO SHOW also! PTL! PTL! We got it all done! Plus I did have time for some late night posting at FGGAM.ORG! PTL! Please keep me in your prayers on my sugar level, God has shown me that I can be healed from this, if I am obedient!  Amen!!!!! Also please pray for healing for Reno! Amen!

Let us pray for Ken…………

Hi Dewey,
Would you pray for me. I rapidly came down with some nasty virus and I’m
supposed to speak at a conference tomorrow. Not good. Throat, nose, fever type
stuff. Also please pray for me as I am type A personality and I am always on the go, I am seeking a lifestyle change.



We pray healing over you Ken in Jesus name, God will show you the changes you need to make, listen for Him!  In Jesus name, Amen!

I want to share with you a miracle! Yesterday after the radio program I dropped off the audio to Isaac at the TV station and stopped at the donut shop down stairs, NOT FOR A DONUT, but for a sandwich! A man of the Muslim faith said he had a question for me, he works at the donut shop. He said his girlfriend took him to Church and that he had been having doubts about his Muslim faith. he told me that during the church services a “feeling of chills, tingles, excitement” came over him! he said he had never experienced that before and wondered what it was! I told him that it was God and the Holy Spirit! Amen! he kept saying to me, “I don’t know what it was, I have never felt anything like that” I told him God and the Holy Spirit are calling you! He said he is going to church again with his girlfriend, please keep him in your prayers! Amen!


One of the strongest prayer warriors I know celebrated her 94th birthday yesterday! Lena Connelly of Los Lunas, NM. Sharon and I fell in love with Lena when i first met her when I was Associate Pastor of the Open Door Church of God in Los Lunas. I don’t know if there is a moment when Lena is not praying!!!! What faith Lena has shown me and Sharon and so many others! Amen! My Grandma Caraway’s first name is Lena so I was connected to Lena right away! Amen! Grandma Caraway was the one that said I would be a Pastor! Thank you Wanell Pate for sharing with me that it was Lena’s birthday! I have a call into Lena.

Also yesterday Joe Lambert of Phoenix, Arizona celebrated 98 years! Praise God! I met Joe this past fall when he was visiting his daughter, Joan Johnson, who lives across the street from us! Tom and Joan Johnson are such Godly neighbors! Joe reminded me so much of my Uncle Joe! Jo and I would greet each other when he and Joan would be out for walks! I called hiom last night to wish him a happy birthday! We can learn so much from our elders like Lena and Joe! Amen! Joe is making plans to come back to Albuquerque again this fall!

We can learn so much from our elders! Much Godly wisdom! Amen!

Who are your elders? Do you seek their wisdom?

Also…..YES MORE GREAT NEWS! Dr. Steve Hopkins of Albuquerque, who was our vet for years before retiring, celebrated his 35th Wedding Anniversary on Memorial Day! Amen! Dr. Steve and his wife Polly are High School sweethearts! Steve texted me this:Polly and I  were high school sweethearts in Tucson, AZ, she is a true blessing in
my life. We have been married for 35, been dating for 43. I told Steve that Sharon and I can never repay him for all he has done for us with Buffy and Reno! He replied: You pay me every day with your unbelievable example of tremendous faith,
loyalty, love and teaching of God’s blessings.

Those words made me weep…………

Yesterday at the Doctor’s office I also was weeping at talking to the Doctor and nurse about my Mom and Dad, as I shared medical history, and the nurse said she tell’s her patients that crying is good…it heals……Amen I have been preaching that for years! Amen….Tears are also joyful!

I have to tell you that Franklin Graham really filled me with dynamite yesterday with this story! I am praying about getting t-shirts that say, “God Hates Cowards” Read this please! This is what it’s all about!!!!!!! Too many Christians are COWARDS! AMEN! God showed me when He sent me to establish FGGAM for Him to be BOLD! BOLD for JESUS CHRIST! AMEN! We also focused our radio program on this, watch for the posting of “The World We Live In” and listen to the audio please.

Franklin Graham: God Hates Cowards

Do you and I have this kind of faith?

Christian Sundanese Women Gives Birth In Prison, Refuses To Renounce Her Faith In God

I pray that we all become more BOLD for JESUS CHRIST it is the time! I am thankful for Franklin Graham and the Sundanese Women!!!!!! Please read and forward to all your friends! Amen!

This post is getting a lot of reads at FGGAM.ORG:

Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common

For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, family and FGGAM Team

Let us keep prayingDewey and Sharon for each other and our Families

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