Americans Lying About Church Attendance, As We Become More Secular


Church for saleAmerica continues to become more secular, no surprise I know. The Church is losing America. Worse yet… America is losing God. I just finished a week long road trip into the heartland of this great country, I found that rural America is still mostly solid God and Country, I feel that the Cities are dark, overall, there are pockets of believers of course, but the Cities in America are lost or are being lost to the darkness. America is re-defining or has refined it’s self, to a secular nation,where anything goes, like same sex marriage, drug use, etc. I took this picture in Meade, Kansas of an abandon Church that is for sale. You can see the for sale sign in the bottom left hand corner. I don’t know about you, but for me it is very sad to see a Church for sale.

Americans lie about how much they go to church, even if they don’t belong to

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