Putin Plays Obama Like A Violin, Now This: Flyers Distributed In Ukraine Demand Registration Of Jews



We are living in a World where America is lost, it’s lost it’s moral compass, because of a lawless President.  Putin plays Obama like a violin, Putin’s fighter jet buzzed one of our Ships and Obama de-freinds Putin on Facebook. America is no longer the leader of the free world. Who is the free world anyhow? Is the free world still around? putin-obamaGreat Britain is in hiding.  Is the new leader of the free world Israel? Canada? Australia?  Obama is a distrustful President. A new Fox news poll shows more and more people say the President lies. The poll shows that six in ten voters think Obama lies to the country most of the time.  As  people are massacred in Syria, Sudan, and Jewish people are under fire all over the world, now this: A flyer distributed by Pro-Kremlin factions in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk demands that Jews living in the city register with them in order to pay special taxes or have their citizenship revoked. Although leaders of the factions denied any connection with the flyers, they have added to a general feeling of uneasiness among Ukrainian Jews who have already sustained a sharp rise in violent incidents against their community in recent months. A spike in anti-Semitic incidents have also been reported recently in the UK, Italy and elsewhere.

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