Jesus Rocks


Dear family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

How are you today? We love you!

Let us come together and pray for Mark Richardson who writes for us at FGGAM.ORG.Let us pray for his family as his Mother has passed onto heaven!

Dear Dewey,

Her name is Marjorie she was 85 years old she just had major surgery on her aorta 4 days ago and succumbed to pneumonia and congestive heart failure at 2:30am this morning in Florida  With my sister at her side. I will be heading to Gallup, NM to help in making arraignments for the memorial we are from Gallup. My family owns Richardson’s Trading Company their.
Thank you Dewey,
We love you Mark!
Let us keep Mark and family in our prayers.
Let us also pray for Fernando who was hit in the face last night while playing softball for Heights Christian Church. Fernando was pitching and hit by a line shot.  Coach Dan Bernard asks us to pray for Fernando. All I know at this time is that Fernando will be okay, and we praise God for that! Continue to pray for healing.  Amen!
Please pray for our son Lars as he meets with his teachers and is getting ready to graduate from Columbia in Chicago on May 18th. Please keep him in your prayers.
After I preach, me and my family get attacked! Sunday was a very strong sermon in our Lord, and Lars is getting attacked, Buffy got sick, I got wore out, satan attacks my family as we broaden our reach and our messages our strong in our Lord. I remember what Oswald Chambers wrote to his friend once, “I am thankful Satan is paying attention to you, it means you are doing good!”  Amen! Please pray for the Moede family.

I need to add a little cream to this CUP, I forget to say that if your CUP does not have all the pictures, etc… it…….it is always posted at FGGAM.ORG in full living color!!!! LOL LOL!!!

I am sorry I did not do a CUP yesterday……I was very tired after Sunday and had to, as I always do,  do the news at FGGAM.ORG and the radio show on Monday’s on KDAZ AM730, a lot of preparation and prayer! I preached Sunday at Emmanuel Ministries, “Jesus Rocks The House!” the audio will be up soon at FGGAM.ORG PRAISE GOD!

Jesus Rocks the radio!!!!

Listen to yesterdays radio program! Tony from Edgewood shares on the Father’s Day Car Show, Pastor Mark Tross talks about his run for the House of Rep. in New Mexico and the National Day of Prayer! It is an outstanding program, For God’s Glory Alone!

Click here:

The World We Live In Radio Podcast 4-28-14 “National Day of Prayer”

We are getting comments like this from Brian Mareau of Edgewood, NM, “Dewey, I wish your radio show was on five days a week instead of just Mondays!”

Thank you for those kind words Brian! We are praying for more funding so that we can do things like that! Amen! We also have a radio station in Maine that wants us to be on their airwaves. They heard from a lot of folks when I was on their as a guest with Angel Murchison of Destiny Moments a few months ago.

We will move forward when the Lord shows us to do so! We will not go in debt in expanding FGGAM.

We sure do love encouragement like Brian sent us!

Sharon was showing me notes people include with their love offerings, From former New Mexico Secretary of State Mary Herrera in Albuquerque, “Thank you for all you do, please keep up the good work! From Betty Gilmore in Santa Fe. “Dewey, how are you? Please keep up the good work!” From Ken Widelski in Virginia, “Please keep up the good work.”

Your affirmations me so much when we work from 3am to late at night….whether it’s the news and inspiration at FGGAM, whether it’s counseling a hurting person, preaching, doing the radio program, etc….your words mean much! Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

Jesus rocks the neighborhood!

Sunday morning me and a some of my neighbors helped cut down part of a huge tree on my neighbors property that fell into our yard! It was so AWESOME to see people come together and help 82 year old Norm and his wife Cathy! It was a glorious event that took most of the morning and then I got ready for my sermon at 2:30 at Emmanuel. That tree falling and neighbors coming together helped spur me into preaching what the Lord had me blast away! LOL!  People coming together to help a neighbor! Norm and Cathy cried at the help…….one person told me that when their tree fell, her neighbors CHARGED HER  for removing the tree! When the tree fell on Saturday afternoon as the winds hit 58 mph on the westside of Albuquerque, I called Norm and told him we would take care of it! You see, we are to help each other, we are to come to the aide of our neighbors and Jesus teaches us, I believe, that everyone is our neighbor, whether they live next door or in Ukraine!

We are to shake the world for Jesus Christ, show an unbelieving world what they do not want to see from Christians!

How about this!

Click here:

Congressman McAllister Shows An Unbelieving World Just What They Want To See From Christians

JESUS rocked this CUP!

We got a lot of wonderful feedback on Fridays CUP, From Pastor Don Kimbro:

Great word Dewey. I can identify with so much that you and Sharon have been though. But we are the most blessed aren’t we? Love you. Pastor Don

Thank you for the kind words Pastor Don….the truth be told! Amen! Please read thru the CUP again………

My life in full time Ministry……..

How are you today? We pray you are closer than ever to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Disappointments were not meant to destroy you. They were meant to strengthen you and give you fortitude to accomplish your God-given destiny.

Let us turn to Matthew 6:8

Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

Wow I have been learning so much on this venture with my Lord. I hang onto that verse, the Lord knows what I need even before I ask. This walk now for 18 months in full time ministry has strengthen my faith. I still have struggles……when love offerings are down, but I have to tell you God answers way different in most cases than how I would think He would respond. Love offerings end up coming from people I would not think of! Amazing! I am learning to rely more and more on God. I was sharing this the other day with Kyle Martin of Time To Revive,(Time To Revive is out of Dallas)  and he said he knows perfectly well what I am saying, he has and does go through the same thing. God answers in a different way than we would think. Some people promise to support, but it does not happen, others come forward.

Kyle and his lovely wife Laurel  started Time To Revive at their kitchen table, like Sharon and I started FGGAM.

You learn a lot. It grows your faith.

God’s answer is way, way more better than ours! He is God, our Father! Amen!

Wanell Pate told me months ago, “Dewey, you no longer answer to man, you answer solely to God, God alone.”

Meaning I no longer work for a man, and I am no longer restricted what I can do with Christian media.

This week I had a Pastor from a  Church call me and wanting me to do something that I knew was not right, I owe nothing to man, I owe everything to God.

Are you being restricted of what you can say and do for God? Are you restricting yourself?

I share this with you this morning, as this has been the most difficult aspect of full time ministry…..trusting and funding. Satan grinds you on that. He tries to create turmoil in your life.

That is why we are taught to put the Armour of God on each day and be surrounded by the body of Christ! Amen!

I am learning more and more everyday to hand my life completely over to God.

I love what Alan Redpath the late Pastor of Moody Memorial Church said, “The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, the manufacture of a saint is the task of a lifetime.”

Chuck Swindoll says that when God develops character, He works on it throughout a lifetime, he’s never in a hurry.

Swindoll continues….It is in the schoolroom of solitude and obscurity that we learn to become men and women of God. It is from the schoolmasters of monotony and reality that we learn to “king it.” That’s how we become—like David—men and women after God’s own heart.

Thank you for being with us today! Amen!

For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM Team!

Let us keep praying for each other and our families.deweyandsharonchains

I just love it how Redpath and Swindoll put things into perspective.

I’m still learning what it is like to be in full time ministry, working away at 3am, working late at night, having my heart broke by people, never hearing back from people, BUT, taking victory in our Lord for the difference I see what HE is doing through FGGAM, out of the bright lights, not in front of crowds, behind the scenes, so to speak, in the schoolroom of solitude and obscurity as Swindoll says.

I have come to so much appreciate the works of Smith Wigglesworth, Oswald Chambers, R.A. Torrey, John Wesley and many more like them that persevered mainly by themselves in ministry.

I guess this is one of the main reasons I love going into small towns and small churches. I am surprised every time I get asked, “Why do you go all the way to Reserve to preach?” I go, because God says to go.

As I go about my days, I pray for the people of God. So many struggle with their Christianity. Too many say one thing and do another. They have their own interpretation of what God’s Word says…WOW! yes, too many. Too many want the Bible to read in a way that fit’s their lifestyle.

We are about to begin, Lord Willing, our 21st month here at FGGAM.

I have learned much about the people of God and why they struggle. And also why the Church struggles in America. I should write a book on the first 20 months!

Daddy taught me to be responsible to as where I am at in life, thus I am a firm believer in the fact that you and I, the Church and the Country as a whole, are responsible for where we are at.

Also be prepared for when God shows up! More than likely He will shock you in a way you never could have dreamed!

As Daddy told me years ago, “Life can turn on a dime”

Are you prepared?

For God’s Glory Alone In the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Family and FGGAM Team.

Let us keep praying for each other and our families.

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