Why is President Obama Allowing Pot Commercials in Violation of the Law?


The administration of Barack Obama has allowed advertisements of medical marijuana to air in New Jersey and several other states where pot is now legal for so called medical use.

Facebook and Google are still refusing to run ads for marijuana — even where it is now legal — but Comcast is jumping into the fray. The ads are for MarijuanaDoctors.com, a business that sell pot in states where it is legal. This is the first commercial to air on television promoting marijuana.

The MarijuanaDoctors.com spot is set to appear on Fox, CNN, Comedy Central, Bravo, and on several other Comcast channels.

The site says its listings include more than 300 doctors. In New Jersey, where the commercial began airing this week, there are nine doctors available through the site.

It is interesting to me that no one is discussing how many federal laws this commercial is violating. Sure, in New Jersey and even in New Mexico the “medical” use of marijuana is legal under state law. However, under federal law the weed is still very much illegal, even for medical use.

But wait! That’s not all. If you watch the very strange commercial below, there are a few things missing. Where is the Surgeon General warning that smoking weed is not good for your lungs? I’m sure the Surgeon General is still interested in lowering the rate of lung cancer.

Where is the 20 seconds of listing all the warnings and side effects of this “medicine”? You know, like for the arthritis commercial and the little blue pill the older guys are taking.

By the way, has marijuana been approved for use by the FDA, like every other pharmaceutical? I don’t remember the trials.

That’s what I can come up with off the top of my head.

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