Good Morning Beautiful People … The Little Hockey Player Has Arrived


Angel and Baby

(Picture is of Angel and her grandson Emmett) March 13, 2014 brought Maine almost two feet of snow, but that’s not the most important news of the day. Emmett Drew Martin my third grandson arrived healthy and ready for his journey here on earth. Looking a lot like his mom and dad and bearing his own uniqueness, the perfect bundle of joy is a sight to behold.  I look at the smile on his sweet little face, his dark hair, his tiny fingers and I can’t help myself from pondering what gifts and talents are tucked inside from the creator of the universe. Although we cannot see them today we sure will discover them in the days ahead. He is another child born for greatness and he too will impact our world. I often wonder what the world would be like if we all used our gifting to help one another. Today as I walked down the corridor of the hospital to hold Emmett once again, I saw a friend sitting in the distance and stopped to inquire of what brought her to the hospital on this day.  An aging father with health issues, as I saw the concerned look on his daughters face.  I took a few moments went to his room and spoke with him and prayed. I inquired of him about being on my radio broadcast Destiny Moments. I’m sure he has a lot of wisdom to impart to our world and I’d like to capture some from this 94 year old godly man. He had just prayed for God to use him and I was the answer to his prayer. I then asked if she would like to meet the new bundle of joy that God had so graciously blessed us with the day before. We found our way to my daughter’s room and found her with an aching back. My friend being a gifted massage therapist forgot the tiredness of the day and began to bless her with a massage. She helped the muscles to relax and made my daughter feel so much better. We half joked about meeting in the corridor and helping each other out. Truly I know that God allowed our paths to cross. His word states man makes their plans, but God orders our footsteps. One of my favorite scriptures in Proverbs (16:9). So what gifts are you carrying? Are you using it to impact our world? Can you give some of it away? Can you be a blessing to someone today? If you don’t know your gifting, ask the one that made you. Ask yourself what am I passionate about, what am I good at?  Leave your mark on this day, you are gifted. You were born for greatness and to make a difference. The world needs your gifting, step out and give it a try. Be an answer to someone’s prayer today. Have a blessed day. Prayer: Lord thank you for Emmett, Evan and Mason, my precious three grandsons. I pray Lord they find their gifting’s at an early age. I pray they will impact our world greatly and especially for you. Today, I lift every reader across this globe that they too will discover their gifting’s that you have placed inside each and every one of them. The uniqueness you designed Oh God for each individual to be. There’s no need to compare ourselves to anyone, everyone free to be whom God created each to be. Help us to come together Lord and make the world a better place. Order our  footsteps according to your word for every reader around the world today. Use us to make it a blessed day for someone and be the very best we were all designed to be. Thank you for a blessed day.

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