911 Call In Albuquerque


Did not know this happens! How Often does it happen? I had to call 911 today in Albuquerque regarding the safety of two children ages 3 to 4. When I called I got a message “calls are answered in the order they are received'”WOW! Are there that many 911 calls in the County911 or is 911 understaffed? My call was answered in less than 15 seconds thankfully! Seconds saves lives. Having been a fireman, I know first hand seconds saves lives and homes that are on fire. If you have any thoughts on this please make a comment. Or if you have any information on 911 in Bernalillo County I would be thankful. Once again, seconds save lives. The 911 Operator that took my call was very detailed and on her game, which I am thankful for!

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