Have you lost your fire?

holy spirit fireDear Friends of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Late Note: I am so sorry for the late delivery of the CUP! We have been helping people! Amen! Praise God!

This morning join us in prayer for FGGAM’s News Reporter Rick Stambaugh as he goes through more Medical tests. 
We pray for all those in harm’s way, 12 people have died thus far from the winter storm.  Thousands have no power this morning. 
Our Dear friend Nicole Richardson Bryan shared  these pictures from the winter storm from Cades, South Carolina. Nicole also posts inspirational stories here at FGGAM! She also has a note about Electric Crews, she know’s what she is talking about, as her husband, Chris was a lineman and was severelycades 1cades 2 injured on the job 3 years ago. Here is what Nicole posted: Electric crews normally do not work in the dark when trees are falling and limbs are falling out of the trees. It is too dangerous. They are called widowmaker trees. If anyone is wondering why they are still in the dark this morning or why they saw no one out during the night or early hours that would be why. They have to stay safe as well. I would much rather have no power than have someone hurt or dead. Trust me. I don’t think any of us who have been able to stay indoors even without power have a reason to complain. Hail to the lineman and thankyou again for all they are doing to help us. It is a major undertaking.
Nicole asks that we pray that the power be restored to the area soon, in Jesus name, Amen!
Thousands are without power this morning, let us be in prayer. At last report 12 people have died because of this latest storm. Let is be in constant prayer for the safety of all.
We have that story and many other’s posted for you at FGGAM.ORG www.fggam.org

We talk about the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first. Canadian Pastor Oswald J. Smith

I believe the following is SPOT ON! I believe this is one of the reasons God pulled me out of KKIM and into FGFAM! This is why we are here at FGGAM! This is why we do programming like, The World We Live In!
Lost The Fire by Richard Stearns in UNFINISHED
Those first disciples were on fire. Nothing could stop them. Within 300 years, the gospel revolution had conquered the Roman Empire and changed the known world. Their radical lifestyles were characterized by a sense of urgency and divine purpose. Nothing was more important, and no price was too high to pay. Many of the first disciples were martyred for the cause, and others rose to pick up the banner and lead the charge. But 2,000 years later the Christian movement, especially in the global North, has lost its sense of urgency. Affluent, comfortable, and distracted, Christians today seem to have lost their fire to change the world. The work of God’s Kingdom lies unfinished, and God’s people seem to have lost their sense of purpose in the world.
I believe there is a direct connection between the unfinished work of God’s kingdom and our sense of feeling in complete in our Christian faith because there is a connection between our story and God’s story. If we are not personally engaged in God’s great mission in the world, then we have missed the very thing He created us to do. We are like birds meant to fly but living in a cage, fish meant to swim but floundering on the beach! Amen!
Amen, Amen! I pray this spoke to you!
In Revelation 2:4-5 we read…….”You have abandoned your first love. Do you remember what it was like before you fell? It;s time to rethink and change your ways; go back to how you first acted.”
Just look at what I posed this morning!
FGGAM is making a difference in the World We Live In!
We are praising God for His blessings!
Here is a note from a listener of ‘The World We Live In’ radio program:
My son and I listened to the world we live in with me on Monday. We’re going to try and do that every week together. Thank you for all you do! Kelly Murphy Snelgrove in Cedar Grove, NM
Thank you Kelly for your words of encouragement. Kind words are like honey—-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24
Kelly is talking about FGGAM’s Radio program ‘The World We Live In’ on KDAZ AM730 in Albuquerque. It is heard Mondays at 12:05 MST. You can also listen right here on our web site. Just go to the front page and you will see the KDAZ listen now icon.
We are also on the air through out New Mexico on Sunday mornings.
In the Socorro, Belen, Los Lunas, Magdalena, San Antonio, Elephant Butte  areas at 10:30am Sundays on KYRN FM 102.1 At the present KYRN does not offer streaming audio. We are praying this will happen soon.
In the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Grants, Gallup, Los Lunas, Belen, Socorro, Magdalena areas Sundays at 7:30 am on KMIN AM 980 and KMYN 96.7. You can also listen on line right here on FGGAM.ORG by going to the front page, left hand side for the streaming audio of KMIN and KMYN.
Pastor Paul got a note awhile back from Shirleen in San Antonio that her family gathers around the radio every Sunday at 10:30am and listens to The World We Live In on KYRN!
For God’s Glory Alone! If you would like to help support the efforts of our expanding radio network, and we do need your help, we have to pay for the time. Please mail your donation to FGGAM PO BOX 65516 Albuquerque, NM 87193 or you can give on line right here at the FGGAM web site. Thank you very much for your love and support!
FGGAM is reaching thousands everyday through the internet, preaching, teaching, counseling, radio, and YouTube.
Please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s Will intwwliyt3expanding the radio program out of state and also going back on TV.
Won’t you join the team here at FGGAM? For God’s Glory Alone! Amen! Praise His Name!
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo, FGGAM Board and families. Let us continue to pray for each other and our families.
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