Bill, Hillary and Joe Klein

Bill and Hillary
Bill, Hillary and Joe Klein
by Howard Stansell
Rand Paul, assumed potential GOP presidential candidate was recently hammered by the left by suggesting that Bill Clinton was (is – depending on what the meaning of “is, is.”) a predator. Senator Paul’s reference was a retro look at the nasty oval office behavior between then President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
I revive the story here as a link to an article by Joe Klein, political columnist for TIME (February 11, 2014). Klein’s piece was a reaction to a new book by Diane Blair, long time close friend of Hillary Clinton who wrote about Hillary’s sometimes flashy anger (to say the least [emphasis mine]) at Bill’s impulsive appetite for roving sexual adventure.
Mr. Klein, all pumped and ready to deny what everybody seems to know about the Clintons, said.”there wasn’t much there” (in Blair’s book “in the way of dirt.”). He said he wasn’t surprised because as someone who has known Hillary for 30 years he views her as being “relentlessly human” and “one of the finest people I’ve known in public life.” Some who have known her even longer and closer may choose to dispute that but it’s not for me to say, or maybe it is! If her participation as Secretary of State in the Bebghazi cover up was a showcase for her “finest” hour in public life then… umh!
What got my attention, however, in Klein’s whitewash of the Clinton relationship was that he called Bill’s extra marital activities “primitive and embarrassing.” Reading between the lines, one might think that Klein’s only problem with Bill’s “attitude toward women” as he put it, was simply a political liability. That’s kind of like saying a rapist is a poor representative of the neighborhood!
My point is this: How long must we give a pass to ultra left journalists like Joe Klein who calls Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaughsleazy garbage peddlers while he admires the likes of Thomas Freedman, Chris Matthews and the ranks of MSNBC? In the same breath Klein calls those at  Fox News Network  “disgraceful bilge volcanos.”
Someone once said that Barrack Obama is not the problem, the problem is the people who elected him! An extension of that thought may be that the problem, indeed, is Joe Klein and his ilk who are emblematic of the left leaning big time media that has become an unapologetic campaign organization for the hard left Democrat party.

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