All the World’s a Stage


It is becoming more apparent every day that there is an overall ungodly agenda in this world. This should not be a surprise to us for the Bible has been warning us about the consolidation of the world’s power for some time now (Rev 13).

One of the greatest tools to gain control over people is to shape their reality by propaganda. Another description of this type of “journalism” is called brainwashing. Satan is the master of propaganda. Satan used propaganda to deceive Eve in the garden by making false statements about God (Gen 3) and will use willing participants in the media to further his agenda.

We are losing our ability to distinguish reality from the fabrication of events by news actors who are willing to trade a few bits of silver to be a mouthpiece of the agenda.

The latest example of puppet media comes from late night talk show host Conan O’Brien. Conan shows the coordinated delivery of talking points from numerous media outlets. Below are some other examples of the scripted media from news actors.


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