What’s Up About The Tradition of Gun Fire In Albuquerque To Bring In The New Year?


gunfire new yearsI know sometimes, I may go against the grain as I continue to write on crime in Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico. I feel I must also write what the Lord tells me to. I am in constant concern for the safety of God’s people. Last night Facebook and Twitter were filled with comments about how crazy it was to hear guns being fired off to bring in the New Year in Albuquerque. I find this tradition, horrible! From our house the sound of semi-automatic gun fire rang out before and after midnight. When I moved hear in 1995 and heard gun fire my first New Years, I was so disgusted. This is not safe, this is not sane. This does not set a good example for our youth as they grow up in a society full of violent crime, to see adults firing off guns into the sky! I want to find out if this practice is legal. In the past people have been injured. Thank the Lord I have not heard any reports of injuries occurring last night. I am going to contact my City Councilman Dan Lewis to see what can be done about this awful so called tradition. This might have been an okay tradition years and years ago, but in populated areas this creates a safety hazard.


  1. I agree about the safety concerns, but I also want to add my 2 cents worth. While shooting bullets in the air is unsafe, shooting blanks is perfectly safe. Our ancestors, who formed this great nation, shot rifles in the air (think of the 21 gun solute) to solute fallen soldiers, commemorate events, and celebrate freedom. I think it is a great tradition, but I think people need to learn how to use firearms safely in these situations e.g. blank or dummy rounds instead of live ammunition.

    The more we ask our government to impose gun laws on our citizens to make us “safer”, the less freedom we have when it comes to our second amendment right. I know this quote is more about violent crime and whatnot when it comes to firearms, but I think it is somewhat fitting, ”People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” Ben Franklin

    • Amen to that! People lack self-government today which is why so many demand state or federal oversight. Its sad, but the loss of self-government in this nation will lead to the loss of freedoms…

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