Let us be “Ray like”

Dear family of our Lord Jesus Christ,
We Love you all! Amen!
ray and brentonWe have word from Pastor Brenton Franks on funeral services for his Dad, Pastor Ray Franks:
The Public Viewing for my dad, Pastor Raymond L. Franks, will be on Thursday, January 30th from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the French’s Mortuary at 7121 Wyoming NE. The funeral will be held on Friday, January 31st at 1:30 p.m. at Evangel Christian Center. In lieu of flowers, we are asking friends to consider a donation to either one of the non-profit ministries that dad pioneered…either Evangel Christian Center (505 ) 883-1300 or Alpha Omega Broadcasting (505) 884-8355. Thank you for the way many of you have already honored my dad! He certainly blessed me, the ECC church family, the broadcast community, and a multitude of others. Picture is of Father and Son, Pastor Ray and Pastor Brenton
Here is what we posted at FGGAM.ORG on Saturday: www.fggam.org
We celebrate the life of Pastor Ray Franks. Ray went to be with the Lord early Saturday afternoon. What a legacy this strong man of God has left us all! He helped form FGGAM with excellent Godly advice.  I will never forget the letter Pastor Ray wrote for me to help establish FGGAM. He taught me much, one of the most imporant things he told me was, “Dewey, always pray that the Lord’s Will be done.” Pastor Ray was the founder of KAZQ TV CH 32 and the Evangel Christian Center and School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Also Pastor Ray founded K-Lite Christian Radio, KLYT signed on the air in 1975 with a light contemporary Christian music format under the auspices of the newly formed Christian Broadcasting Academy. The vision of CBA founders, including Rev. Raymond Franks of Albuquerque’s Evangel Temple Assembly of God. ray franksray and beckyA true Christian Radio/TV Broadcast Pioneer! We pray now for his lovely wife Becky and the family of son Pastor Brenton Franks and daughter Michon Franks Henegar. Many of you have called asking about Pastor Ray, we thank you for  your love and concern for Pastor Ray and family. Here is a note from Pastor Brenton: My dad went on to Heaven a few minutes ago. We were so privileged to have had the family with him. Our lives will be emptier, but Heaven will be a greater destination for me. Thank you for your prayers over the last almost 7 weeks. Truly we rejoice in all God has done for us and for the wonderful host of friends and family who have supported us.
We are praying for you all Pastor Brenton.
The picture of me and Ray is the last time I was on TV with him doing Spectrum. I love this man so! Also I have included a picture of Ray and his angel Becky, please keep her in your prayers.
Thank You Lord for the life and testimony of Brother Ray Franks, let us be “Ray like” in our walk with You, in Jesus name, Amen!
Marriage is more significant than you may have thought.
Marriage was designed by God and is defined by God.
Marriage is at the center of God’s purpose for mankind.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27
God joined a man and a women together so that together they would mirror His image.
He called this union marriage.
Their oneness reflects the character and unity of God. Matthew 19: 4-6, John 17: 22-23
Their oneness is a living picture of this intimate relationship between Jesus Christ and His followers. Ephesians 5: 22-23
I cannot begin to write what my wife Sharon means to me. She has supported me 150%. When I told her that I was leaving my full time paid position at KKIM Radio in Sept. of 2012 and that God gave me the orders to go out and preach His word., she did not blink and eye. She has been by my side always through thick and thin, For God’s Glory Alone! I love you babe!
We are so blessed to have Pastor Bill Ruhl of Global Destiny Ministry of Albuquerque as our Vice Chairman and even more blessed to have his lovely wife Monica as a writer here at FGGAM. Today we take time to hold up Pastor Bill and Monica as they have just celebrated 15 years of marriage, a shining example to all of us on how to do life and marriage. They have dedicated their lives to fully serving our Lord, such a strong and stable couple for God’s Glory Alone! They both are Christian leaders here in the state of New Mexico and beyond. God joined a man and a women together so that together they would mirror His image, Bill and Monica surely do that! Amen! We love you Bill and Monica!bill and monica anniversary
I love sharing the prayer letters Sharon and I get from Angel Murchison of Destiny Moments, to help us all in our prayer life and our faith. By the way Angel writes for FGGAM.ORG  www.fggam.org and you can see her posts in the Inspirational section.

Prayer Letter January 26, 2014
Thank you Lord for Dewey and Sharon’s obedience. Because of their obedience lives are being changed every day. I pray God 2014 will be the best year they have ever known. I pray and declare the word of the Lord over them. Divine Health, blessed in the city, blessed in the country, divine connections, expansion of ministry, miracle working power and a great peace over their lives. Peace that only comes from your hand Oh Lord. I pray the abundant life you have for them Jesus, they will receive all the blessings you have for them. I thank you for ordering their footsteps. Doors of opportunity open to them across this globe this year, Lord for your glory. Fresh anointing, fresh fire, resources provided by the master himself. No worries, only faith to take them to where they are going. We have not because we ask not. Today we are asking for increased resources and thank you Lord in advance. Every bill marked paid and future bills as well. Resources coming to them in ways they have not even thought of. Lord thank you for blessing them beyond measure. You have seen their faithfulness, you have seen their sacrifice. You are a rewarder of those that diligently seek you. Dewey and Sharon have done that.
Lord whatever they have need of today I thank you for it. You are the great healer, great comforter, provider and friend. Send ministering angels tonight to each of them. Let their sleep be sweet and may they feel the refreshing wind of your spirit. Just as the eagle soars high over the circumstance so does this couple and ministry. Taking new ground every day and only desiring to do your will for you glory. True servants of the Lord.
Fill the void from a great loss with more of you Jesus. Carrying on the legacy of Kingdom building for your glory alone, what better way to bless as they carry the torch throughout the world.
Much love, praying and believing with you, for you and may your blessings abound.
Angel L. Murchison
Jesus the Good Shepherd – The Origin
Jesus the good shepherd is referenced in the book of John, chapter 10. In His own words, Jesus tells us in verse 11: “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” And in verses 14-15: “I am the good shepherd. I know my own sheep, and they know me just as my Father knows me and I know my Father. And I lay down my life for the sheep.”
Jesus the Good Shepherd – The Meaning
Jesus is the good shepherd to His believers just as the shepherds were of their livestock. A shepherd tended his flock day and night. He would gather the sheep into a sheepfold at night for their protection. The sheepfold was a pen, a cave, or an area backed by stone walls. Since there were no doors, the shepherd would often sleep or sit in the opening, ready to guard his sheep from harm.
Being different than a hired keeper who might run away in the face of danger, the flock belonged to the shepherd who would stay and defend them. He had a genuine loving concern for what belonged to him. In chapter 10, Jesus illustrates how the shepherd cares for his flock, protecting them from weather, thieves, and predatory animals. He loved and shielded them and if necessary, he would lay down his life for them.
Jesus is that loving protector and caretaker for His flock. Ezekiel 34 foretold of the Messiah who would, like a true shepherd, come to caringly keep God’s people. It was a loving message of the coming Christ, the good shepherd.
John 10 tells us how thieves and wolves come to destroy the sheep. But the good shepherd is there to save them. These verses tell us that though Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy God’s people (verse 10). Jesus is there to protect, love, and save us from destruction giving us eternal life. Jesus came not to merely be the hired keeper but came as the one (the only one), who was and is, completely committed to us — even to His own death and resurrection. Jesus is the good shepherd who lay down His physical life for you and me.
Jesus the good shepherd – The Purpose
Jesus the good shepherd’s purpose is to give life and protect from destruction. You may be asking yourself why Jesus needed to give His life for our protection. We all have sinned! By our sin, we are lost to the eternal life God has for us. We will not enter heaven if we don’t accept Jesus the good shepherd. Jesus’ blood was shed as payment for our sins. But He was resurrected; He lives as our shepherd today!
When we accept this gift, when we believe that He did this for us, we are saved from paying the debt ourselves. Romans 6:23 says: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” John 6 says that Jesus is the true bread from heaven. Verse 33says, “The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” Have you accepted the life He offers?
For a complete look at The World We Live In, tune into KDAZ AM730 at 12:05pm this afternoon. You can also listen right here at FGGAM.ORG  by clicking on the listen icon of KDAZ. Paul Holt and Dewey Moede will look at the news of the day throughDewey-and-Pastor-Paul-Holt1-300x225 (1) a Biblical lens. There is much going on in New Mexico, our nation, in Israel and the entire world, we will cover as much as we can in 25 minutes. We are expanding our radio programming to reach the communities of Grants, Gallup, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Belen and Los Lunas. For God’s Glory Alone! Stay tuned to FGGAM.ORG for more info. Please pray about supporting FGGAM as God moves us further out into the radio airwaves for Him.  Praying about more radio stations.
We Love you all!
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon, Paul, Jo, and FGGAM Board of Directors and families
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