Cup Dewey HouseDear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We love you all!
“Worrying is arrogant because God knows what He’s doing.”  – Barbara Cameron, A Time To Heal
We are going to give you some super links this morning! Many of you have been busy with family, and need to catch up!
Please continue to pray for Pastor Ray Franks: https://fggam.org/urgent-prayer-need-for-pastor-ray-franks-2/
Reno our ministry Beagle is improving! Praise God! Reno and Buffy helped bring Rick Stambaugh back to the Lord. It is in Rick’s testimony! He shared it last year at the Reserve Baptist Church! If you do not know Rick, he is our full-time news reporter at FGGAM.ORG
We are praying for Wanell Pate who has a bad cold, we pray healing over her! In Jesus name, Amen!
Now many of you have not met the love of my life Sharon! We posted this yesterday at FGGAM.ORG an interview Ted Gonzales of KCHF TV of Son Broadcasting did with Sharon and I last April on God’s Answers Prayer. Watch this video and find out about Sharon, our marriage, the formation of FGGAM and how it came about,about leaving KKIM and our testimonies: https://fggam.org/pastor-dewey-and-sharon-moede-founders-of-fggam-appeared-on-kchf/
It is good to know Sharon and I as a couple, as a fortress for our Lord through your love and prayers, Amen!
Evil is on the move in New Mexico with a push to legalize marijuana! Read my post on this horrible news- https://fggam.org/new-mexico-state-senator-ortiz-y-pino-pushes-to-legalize-marijuana/
To end this CUP I pray this brings you some humor, great memories and joy! Sounds your children, and maybe even you younger folks have not ever heard! https://mentalfloss.com/article/29230/11-sounds-your-kids-have-probably-never-heard
For God’s Glory Alone, in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, from all of us at FGGAM
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Dewey Moede

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