Chicago Blowing Snow, Indiana Calls Out The National Guard, Minnesota Cancels School For Monday


BREAKING NEWS: 30,000 Indianapolis, Indiana homes without power, we have a report in this post.The picture is provided by our son Lars who attends Columbia in Chicago. The picture is from his apartment.  He says that  blowing snow has been occurring this afternoon and a temperature of 12 above at 2:30pm, with the winds blowing at 20 mph. Classes for Lars have been cancelled for Monday. The High Temp in Chicago will be O, yes ZERO! on Monday. Chilling temperatures, the coldest in some parts in 30 years, have seen the Minnesota Governor cancel school for Monday, The Indiana Governor has called out the National Guard to help potentially stranded motorists. Many Airlines have cancelled flights into ChicagoChicago storm. I talked to a friend of FGGAM today who has been trying to get home to Northern Indiana by flying into Chicago for two days. It looks like they may now fly home Tuesday.They have been visiting family in San Antonio, Texas. For more on the record setting cold go here:

30,000 have no power in Indianapolis, Indiana because of the storm:

Minnesota Report:

Winter Storm Warning for NE Illinois:

I have to add this! When I went to school back home in Minnesota it was nothing for it to be 10 to 30 below zero with wind chill, we still had classes and my Dad was Transportation Director and the buses would still run in the rural areas, sometimes we had school 2 hours late, but we had school. It’s a different world now, I know. No i did not walk 10 miles to school! LOL LOL! And it was not uphill all the way!! LOL LOL

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