White House Christmas Card Leaves Out Christmas


WH Christmas cardHave you received your White House Christmas card? The president’s family sent out this year’s card featuring a pop up of the White House that includes the Obama family dogs Bo and Sunny. You will notice that the White House is not decorated but plain.

But there is something else conspicuously missing from the president’s “Christmas” card, the word Christmas itself.

Mr. Obama has professed faith in Jesus in the past and the lack of decorations does not determine his level of faith by any means.

The war on Christmas being waged in many communities across America does shine a light on the president’s political correctness, however. The absence of Merry Christmas on the president’s holiday card stands in stark contrast to those that held the office before him.

America’s presidents have always at least attempted to reflect the country. Maybe that is what bothers us. Our country, like President Obama, claims to believe in God, even to be Christian to some degree. However, like our president, many of the people of this nation do not attend church with any regularity.

The emptiness of the White House Christmas er… Holiday card reflects the emptiness of faith our Christian in name only nation really possess.

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