What People Are Saying About Last Nights “The World We Live In Conference”


Here are some comments that are coming in about last nights “The World We Live In” Conference: The World We Live In

Pastor Stephen Bockemeier, “It was a great evening—stirring up the body of Christ to do the work required of it to spread God’s Word and to change our world for Christ—bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

Pastor Richard Gordon, “A message that every American needs to hear, and follow.”

Toni Sandoval, “It was awesome for me! Thank you!”

Wanell Pate, “I am so thankful that me and Bob went.”

From Andrew Ross…….

Well, I personally found a great many of the things spoken of to be things I knew already- However, I also found that the way in which it was presented delivered a fresh perspective. Those who have been caught in, shall we say, institutionalized Christianity, will find a great deal of the conference to be alarming; so concerning, I believe, that it very well may bring about repentance on a grand scale. For those who may already know some or all of what is spoken about, I believe that it will serve as an encouragement and confirmation.
Pastor Paul’s usage of Hebrew and current events to bring into focus the state of the Church and what can be done was extremely well executed and eye-opening. He touched on things I knew, but did so in a manner that was encouraging and strengthening.
Pastor Dewey’s segment of the conference was at times humorous and at times intense. Again, he spoke on many things that I personally knew already; yet, not without the Holy Spirit revealing new facets of the issues brought up. I could listen to Pastor Dewey for hours, simply because of the nuances in his method and style of teaching.
All in all, I found the conference to be a great blessing, and highly recommend it to every Christian out there; I would not recommend it to unbelievers, really, unless they’ve had a background in the church, because this was definitely the Christian Church’s “Come to Jesus” meeting!
Thank you very much, my friend. God bless, and keep serving the Lord.

Read the story about last nights Conference go here: https://fggam.org/awesome-night-in-our-lord-at-christ-full-deliverance-ministries/

Also if you would like us to come to your community send me an email pastordewey@fggam.org  For God’s Glory Alone! Merry Christmas!!!


  1. A truly blessed evening full of God’s Word!!! I, as I think everyone else did, thoroughly enjoyed the evening and left far better informed than when we arrived! I thank Pastor Dewey & Pastor Paul for such a wonderful presentation and thank Pastor & Paulette Cooper for hosting the evening!

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