Things are Getting Better


It is very easy to get caught up in all of the negativity of the news and current events.  Like a lot of other people, it seems that evil is growing at such a rapid rate.  It is sometimes very disturbing to see the changes taking place in our nation.  During those times I step back and really consider the big picture.  I suggest that many of us need to undertake this exercise a bit more.

Let’s look at the big picture of things.  When we do we really can say that things are getting better.  Consider the last 100 years.  Within that time frame we were born and will live out our lives.  Our parents were born and lived out their lives too.  In that relatively short time period we have seen such remarkable progress.  A time like no other.  Here are some of the things that show how we are getting better.  100 years ago was 1913.  During that time we’ve seen two world wars.  The rise and defeat of Nazis in Germany.  The Holocaust.  The Vietnam War.  The evolution of the automobile, air conditioning, and medical advances.  We’ve seen women gain the right to vote.  We’ve seen a greater recognition and protection of children.  There is no way I’d want my children to have to grow up in the early 20th century.  There were few protections for children.  We’ve seen a great improvement in race relations.  We’ve seen the discovery and evolution of computers.  We’ve made leaps and bounds in our ability to travel.  It wasn’t so long ago that people couldn’t see their family for holidays because of the great distance.  Today we can travel or even Skype to stay in touch.  Our nation has grown in wealth.  Our standard of living has increased tremendously since the past 100 years.

I could go on, but the point is made.  We have seen a tremendous amount of improvement over the past 100 years.  Presidents have come and gone.  Leaders have come and gone.  How many of us can even name the President in 1913?  How many of us can name the Speaker of the House or the Secretary of State in 1913, or 1952, or 1992?  We have a lot to be thankful for.  We need to acknowledge that things are getting better.  So next time you find yourself fretting over the direction of the nation keep in mind that this too will pass.  Keep in mind the big picture.  Keep in mind that things really are getting better.

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David A. Standridge

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