The World World We Live In: Why Can’t NM Elect Janice Arnold Jones? NM Gov. Announces 10% Raises For New Teachers, 5 Myths About Our Schools That Fall Apart When You Look Closer


I have many, many friends that our school teachers. School teachers have always been hero’s of mine! I still call some of my teachers back home and check on them and always share with them the impact they have had on my life to this day. This morning I was scanning the news headlines, I mean very early this morning, before the chicken’s got up! That’s what an old news guy is to do right? I placed an early morning text to my Dear Friend Janice Arnold Jones to talk to her about the education system of New Mexico. Janice returned my call at 7am! We talked about education, crime and the latest stats on people moving out of New Mexico. Read my post on New Mexico crime and residents moving out at a record pace: Martinez has announced a plan to give new teachers a !0% raise. That raises so many questions for me that I don’t and you don’t have time to debate that this morning, but part of my conversation with Janice was about the challenges America faces in educating our youth. Oh why, oh why? cannot New Mexico see the light and elect this intelligent, honest, hard working women to HIGH office? I believe it is a sad statement on New Mexico when it does not elect someone with the character of Janice. Lord Willing in a future post we will have a conversation with her.  Getting back to our Education system, my Dear Brother in Christ Dan Bernard is a school teacher in Albuquerque. We coach together on the Heights Christian and Amistad softball teams! Dan posted this video: 5 Myths About Our Schools That fall Apart When You Look Closer:

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