The Word We Live In: NM Democrats seek to make Sec. of Education Vanish, Gov. Martinez Makes Another Run At Immigration Drivers License Law, Homeland Security and FBI Beef Up Crime Battle


New Mexico  Democratic lawmakers are devising a plan to boot Education Secretary Hanna Skandera out of office. Skandera has never been confirmed as the Secretary as the Democrats dislike her with a passion. A  new proposal will make her position as education secretary vanish.  In other news from Santa Fe, Governor Martinez will once again will try to repeal the immigration drivers license law. This will be the Governor’s fourth attempt to get this done. Many, like myself, call this a national security issue, but the Democrats take a blind eye towards our security.
On the New Mexico crime front, Homeland Security is now assisting the battle on violent crime in the state. They’re putting more pressure on gang members in New Mexico.  We see from a front page story in today’s Albuquerque Journal that the FBI is getting involved in small-town corruption in New Mexico. The FBI is asking rural residents to think how money is being spent and contracts awarded by their public officials. I am thankful for this fight on corruption in our state. Not many politicianstwwliws are going to say upfront that violent crime is out of control in New Mexico, especially in Albuquerque. As a Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff of 25 years told me recently,  he has never seen so much violence in all the years he has served on the Sheriff’s Dept. The state is losing jobs and residents and there will not be a turn around until the crime rate takes a downward turn. A state and community cannot thrive with violent crime and corruption as a persistent problem. Hearts need to change. We the Body of Christ need to help people see the light of Jesus Christ, we need to minister to the darkness.

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