The S.E. way of redeeming :-)


ChristmasSignRedeeming Christmas??  Wow, what is that?  In a Christian definition, most would agree it would be to free from the consequences of sin, BUT Christmas isn’t a sin, it has been designated for many years as a date to mark the birth of the Messiah, Jesus, Son of God!

Throughout the Old Testament, prophets and kings were given inspiration to speak and write of the coming King, a Savior. As centuries past after His birth, life and resurrection, the world is more and more secular especially in the United States, the “holiday” or Holy Day has been stolen to its true meaning and maybe another definition closer to buying back, getting back, winning back, freeing from captivity is a truer meaning when it comes to the “redemption” of Christmas.

I will tell you what God has had me do for several years.   That is just to make a sign, simple but readable reminding people of God’s gift, Jesus.  For many people Christmas is just about buying, giving, receiving presents.  Hey, presents are nice, but usually the frenzy that goes into that and the money are really unwarranted.

So a few years back about 2 weeks before Christmas in obedience I made a festive poster size sign .  I picked a corner where many people in cars passed.  Dressing warm but nicely, I just went out and stood on the corner with my sign being prominent.  It was interesting, heart-breaking, exciting and yes, sometimes COLD!!  I would count how many cars stopped with the light and would pivot so the sign could be read in three directions, cars going west, east and north.

Most people ignored me or quickly read the sign and then jerked their head away.  Yes, there were some encouraging waves, honks and thumbs up.

Two years ago, I made a new sign and it said, “JESUS, GOD’S GIFT TO YOU”  and “Merry Christmas” at the bottom. You would not know the joy I felt to just go and stand and represent!!  I would have a song in my heart, sometimes tears for the vacant looks of people inside when some cars passed. Hey, I even had a thumbs down and one person grimaced with total disgust, BUT I also had people try to give me money and I would not take it.  I had someone see me, buy hot chocolate and come back around to give that to me.  Someone even gave me some homemade chocolates and I DID accept those!  If a driver or passenger waved or honked I would wave back.

One man just stared and stared at me and the sign and I said directly to him, “Yes, YOU”.  Jesus is God’s Gift freely given.

Maybe sign holding isn’t for everyone, but I know for me I am looking forward to see what God does as I just stand and represent His Truth at this time of year.   I’m wondering if the climate of social and political correctness will cause some trouble.  In the past police would go by, but never stop or really pay any attention.  Last year I missed as I was in Uganda, but LORD WILLING, I’ll stand again until told to move, then I will look for another place.  It is my way to “redeem” Christmas.

Pastor Dewey Note: We are so thankful for the boldness of S.E. Coleman, we love her so! We are so blessed to have her part of the FGGAM team! For God’s Glory Alone! Merry Christmas!!!!

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