6 year old’s Sexual Harassment Charges Are Changed To Behavioral Misconduct


culture-shockI don’t know what to say, but they are really messing with the mind of the child and the girl and all parents and children that are witnessing this take place in Colorado! This is all messed up!

Earlier this week we told you about this story:

(Cañon City, CO)  —  Have we lost our senses as a society? Whatever happened to allowing the innocence of Children? Allowing Children to be Children?…..What are we teaching our Children with this type of punishment??? That you cannot be a child? Let a child be a child! It could have been an uplifting teachable moment on was is correct and not correct, but suspension and labeling it sexual harassment? Here’s the story:  A six-year-old Colorado boy will be back at school today, after he was suspended for kissing a girl’s hand.   First-grader Hunter Yelton says he has a crush on the girl, and that she likes him back.  The superintendent at the School in Cañon City calls it sexual harassment, but Yelton’s mom says she’s going to fight the  mark on his school record. What do you think?

There is a better way of handling this! Instead of labels, call the parents of both children in and talk to all, communicate. Make both sides aware of what is going on if there is a concern. Separate the children if need be, but this has gone to far!!!!

In my counseling I have found that people are still hurt by labels put on them in school 40 years later!!!!

Now look at the latest:

“Sexual harassment” dropped from record of 6-y/o boy suspended for kissing girl at school. 4.nbcla.com/19FSE7g

WOW, we don’t even know how to raise up children anymore! That is because God has been kicked out of our schools and society!  Horrible stuff!

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