Who Are You?


birgaA quick glance through the headlines reveals a disturbing number of sexually themed stories.  Web “news” outlets are quick to report on who Justin Bieber was intimate with, how sexually charged Lady Gaga’s stage performance was, etc. Yet it’s not just confined to the celebrity world.  We see school officials arrested on child pornography charges, church leaders caught in scandal and politicians accused of adultery.

The human race has fallen very deeply into the trap and lies of the enemy.  Believing that our sexuality defines us, we buy clothing, makeup and fragrances that promise to improve our sex appeal.  We watch romantic comedies and laugh off the infidelity, or worse yet, long to have such an “exciting” life. We easily grow dissatisfied with our spouse and ache from the monotony of life.

Trouble comes quickly when we don’t recognize who we are in Christ.  When our job, financial status or sexuality become our labels, we overwrite the truth about who/what God says we are.  While your business card may read Vice President, CEO or Accountant, none of those titles explain who you are.  On the eternal time line, no one will care if you made $100,000 annually.  You certainly wouldn’t introduce yourself to a stranger saying “Hi, I’ve had 3 sexual partners this week.”

Unfortunately, not only do we forget who we are, we also forget Who we should be counting on to meet our needs.  When we look to find fulfillment from our jobs, spouses, children or friends, we burden others with needs that God Himself wants to meet.  The pressure of trying to meet the spiritual needs of your loved one places an incredible stress on the relationship.  No wonder our society is such a mess.

Spend time in God’s Word and begin to explore who He says you are.  Examine the promises that He’s made to meet your needs.  Let these truths begin to reshape your thinking.  If you allowed God to compose and print your business cards, what would they say?  A thought or two for you to ponder.


Birga Alden

Daughter of the Most High King

“Redeemed, Forgiven, Made Holy and Cherished”




  1. Pondering – – – – – Yep, Think I’ll stick with God’s definition as well !!! End result, which lasts a long long long time, sure does sound a lot better !!!

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