Martin’s Heart is for Jesus Christ!


Martin Rivera came back to Jesus Thursday. I visited him again Friday afternoon. His heart is for Jesus now. Martin had valve replacement surgery at the Heart Hospital in Albuquerque this week.  He asked me to come back today and pray and read from the Bible, I will be blessed to.

Side note to this is that Martin’s extended family called from Texas and asked if I would go visit him. We here at FGGAM do many hospital visits for families that live out of state and ask if we will go visit their loved one. This is just another part of the Ministry God has given us. We are so very blessed to do so.

Please keep MMartin 2artin and his family in your prayers.


  1. Praise the Lord Pastor. Thank you so much for your efforts to bring Mr. Rivera back to Jesus. “For God’s Glory Alone” AMEN

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