Validation! My last wish, what’s on your bucket list?



By Rick Stambaugh of FGGAM Rick Stambaugh with Buffy and Reno

Recovering from my chemo & radiation treatments from cancer with an all not too bright outlook for my longevity here on GOD’s beautiful earth, many have asked me, ‘what’s on your bucket list?’, what would your last wish be?’, etc., etc…

On numerous occasions in life I have pondered this question; – – – in rice patties in North Viet Nam after being shot down, on ships at sea in the Tonkin Gulf under fire from enemy migs, in downtown Beirut at one in the morning trying to recover hostages, in U.S. Embassies in the Middle East evacuating American personnel in danger, on ships being tossed around in 100 foot swells in the middle of hurricanes at sea, in the deserts of Saudi Arabia & Iraq, on the emergency room floor during a major heart attack, on the operating table undergoing emergency lung or gallbladder surgery, in chemo & radiation treatment rooms…

I’ve always half halfheartedly answered the question with little thought and have come up with numerous responses; – – – some funny; some not so; many not serious at all…   I think my most recent was when my Sister-In-Law Sue (my precious wife’s sister in Florida) asked, ‘what’s on your bucket list?’ to which I responded, – – – “a bucket of chicken” !!!…   (If you knew the diet I’m allowed, this would be funny to you too !!!)…

Obviously, I’d wish for such things as happiness for my precious wife & family after my passing; for them to not live in sorrow or unhappiness because of my passing; their financial & medical health & security; their good standing with GOD, Jesus Christ & The Holy Ghost; etc., etc…

After those, I think I may have found it !!!!!! – – – I’d like for everyone to watch the video I found below…   It is, at first, maybe just a bit boring but it gets better long before the end…   PLEASE watch ALL the way through the video; you’ll find it very very worthwhile by the time you reach the end !!!…

Maybe my real Last Wish would be for EVERYONE, once a day, VALIDATE someone’s life !!!…

Click to Watch How a Smile Can Make Someone’s Day! 

Have a blessed day!


Pastor Dewey Note:

Rick, you are simply AMAZING! AWESOME! Folks, you have got to watch this entire video! I did, it may be the best Sunday sermon you have ever heard!!! Watch it till the very end!


  1. I cannot say enough what Rick’s ongoing testimony of the greatness of God means to me. I praise God that I have met this man and fallen in love with him. He has taught me much about life. Love ya Rick and Sandy from Dewey and Sharon the Buffy and Reno

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