The Holy Spirit Part 2

Behold, The Lamb Of God, Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World

Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Welcome to October! Government shutdown and Obamacare Day! WOW!
We have it all covered for you at   We have some brand new Inspirational posts awaiting you!
Sorry I am late with this CUP, I was up waaaaaaaaaaaaay eaaaaaaarly!!! and got the posting done for FGGAM and then to the Dentist! I took with me four of Dr. Stanley’s book on the Holy Spirit and was able to witness and share the book with them! They loved it! I love what I do!!! For God’s Glory Alone. I called Shelia at Dr. Stanley’s Ministry to tell her! She was very excited! Let us witness to many each day for Jesus Christ! Amen!
Reminder we will be giving away some copies of Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit at our Oct. 15th Conference at the Santa Fe Church of God. Go to for the details. Free Admission!
Much to pray about today……..The Government shutdown, Obamacare, and we also have a note from Michael Holland that his wife’s sister has a medical condition that he is asking prayers for.
Rick Stambaugh is undergoing a back procedure today, let us pray.
Pastor Leonard Navarre and Diana are due back in New Mexico today! Praise God! Diana is progressing well in her recovery from surgery!
We pray for Lela Martinez who is in the Espanola, NM Hospital. Lela has pneumonia. We pray for healing in Jesus name, Amen! Lela is the Mother of our Dear Friend Jeanell Abeyta.
In all matters we pray for healing, peace and strength in Jesus name! Amen!
Teresa Gonzales worked with us at Citadel many years ago.  She’s now at Entravision and sells Univision TV and KRZY-AM & -FM.  I’m sure you remember her?
She called me today to let me know her Mother has been in Hospice for a few days, and asked me to make a FB post as she just could not.  As it happens, we share a number of advertiser clients and several industry friends and she wanted to let people know.
Teresa is having a rough day, but when I spoke to her, she was headed back to work after being away for several days.  I can’t even imagine.
Anyhow, I told her she should talk to you and she said she’d like to, but just can’t as yet.  She said when she’s ready, she’ll take your number and call you directly.
But in the meantime, I thought perhaps you could offer your prayers for her Mom, that her transition into The Father’s arms might be peaceful and free of pain.  And also that Theresa and her family will be granted strength and comfort in this terrible time.
In addition, I am further saddened to have to tell you that my colleague Julia Murtha’s Mom passed overnight.  Poor lady suffered a stroke a couple weeks back (she collapsed in church, actually) and her health has steadily deteriorated since then.  She was admitted to hospice over the weekend and we learned this morning that she did pass.  I ask for prayer of strength and support for Julia and her family, and that her Mom, Mrs. Thornton, be made welcome in paradise and embraced by the Lord as she arrives home.
And finally, Dewey, I continue to pray for my own Mom.  She’s continued to suffer false accusations and being badly treated in her job.  I know my Mom, and no one takes greater pride in their work than she.  The Assisted Living home where she’s worked for 12 years (in southern Arizona) has been her life’s work. She simply LOVES her elderly residents and showers all of her energy into keeping them happy and comfortable.  Only God knows what’s truly at work there and why she’s being singled out.  But I’m far away and I don’t know what to do to help her.  She won’t consider seeking other employment until she gets fired, and I think they’re trying to build a case for that, albeit with false accusations and writing her up for bogus infractions.  I am afraid that if they do fire her, that this will be a trauma to her, despite her insistence otherwise.  And until then, the stress of this bullying has got to be overwhelming.  I’m leaving it in Jesus’ hands as I am very worried but she’s not open to my suggestions.  Any prayers that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Dewey, many, many thanks!  I’m sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings.  But I do believe that with God, all things – even miracles – are indeed a possibility.  God bless!
Grace Cordova-Kalbere
We pray healing, peace and strength over Grace, her mother, Teresa and her Mother, Julia and her family, in Jesus Almighty name, Amen! 
It is such a Godly honor to pray for all! If you have a prayer need please email me at 
Let us continue to look at our Study of the Holy Spirit! 
Sure would love to hear from you!
We left off yesterday wondering why is it that we often seem to start strongly in our Christian walk and then later discover that we are facing failure in our faith?
One of the primary reasons is that we drift away from the very principles that we learned at the start of our relationship with Jesus Christ.
Look at our Country, Look at many Churches, families, etc……..drifting from God is a disease in America, you could almost say it is an epidemic!!!
Another key reason is that we become so familiar with the Word of God and the message that we hear preached that we no longer take the truth of God’s Word to heart as diligently and as eagerly  as we once did.
Yet a third reason and perhaps the most prevalent is that we stop relying on the Holy Spirit to lead us, to guide us, to give us the spiritual power we need to withstand temptation and to give us the spiritual wisdom we need to recognize and to avoid error.
Too many are looking for power and answers in all the wrong places! Amen! We must be the Light of Jesus Christ and share and share and share!!!!! 
 Just look at our government as a whole, just look at Obamacare…..looking for power and answers in all the wrong places! Amen! 
Thank you for stopping by for a CUP, more Lord Willing tomorrow! 
For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ Dewey Sharon and family, 

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