Small Town Working Class Views: Movement to Legalize Marijuana in New Mexico and California

Dewey Moede
Lars Moede Photo of Pastor Dewey Moede

There is a movement in New Mexico and California to legalize marijuana, I think it’s sinful.

KOB TV reports thatSynthetic marijuana use is on the rise among New Mexico teenagers – the most recent scare taking place at Rio Rancho High School Wednesday afternoon.

Rio Rancho police believe a 16-year-old boy was high on “spice” or “K2” or some other kind of synthetic pot when he passed out on the school campus.

New Mexico ranks very high in drug abuse. We are not protecting our children from alcohol and drugs. We, the American people,  keep adding too a very sinful menu that is available to our future generations. This menu is full of pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc…

Just this morning I was reading the front page of the Albuquerque Journal, a story by Joline Gutierrez Krueger, about Tom Fosbre who was a fixture at the Caravan East, a country western nightclub in Albuquerque. The longtime doorman and security guard was killed on his way to work when a women accused of driving drunk crashed into the back of his truck. Another innocent life taken. And we the people of New Mexico are going to allow the legalization of marijuana? Pot heads driving and killing?

God cannot blessThe World We Live In this mess.

New Mexico has a terrible amount of deaths due to drunk driving and how many deaths will be caused by pot heads? How many already drive stoned?

Are we not destroying the future of our children enough?

NBC 4 TV in Los Angeles takes a look at what’s going in in California:

If California legalizes marijuana, pot breathalyzers may become part of DUI

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