People of God: Historic Albuquerque City Council Meeting Today! Let us all be in prayer and attend if you can!

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Protect ABQ Women & Children

Protect ABQ Women & Children, Pro-Life Groups To Rally Before City Council Meeting to Tell Councilors Not to Disenfranchise Albuquerque Voters

Ordinance’s constitutionality to be determined by a judge, not the Albuquerque City Council 


WHAT:            Albuquerque City Councilor Trudy Jones has proposed to introduce a bill at                           Wednesday’s city council meeting to disenfranchise Albuquerque voters by                           attempting to prevent the Pain Capable Unborn Child  Protection Ordinance                        from appearing on the November 19 special election ballot.

:              Protect ABQ Women & Children

Pro-life groups

Concerned Albuquerque voters

Late-term abortion ban petition signers



WHY:   According to a recent Albuquerque Journal poll, the majority

of Albuquerque residents support the ban to end to the lucrative and dangerous late-term abortion industry. Because New Mexico allows for abortions until the day of birth, Albuquerque has become the late-term abortion capital of the country.

The United States Supreme Court has set precedents for states and municipalities to enact restrictions on abortions on behalf of the unborn child when there is compelling evidence — as outlined in Supreme Court Rulings Roe, Doe, Casey, Gonzales, and Akron. Furthermore, 12 states have passed 20-week bans and 40 states have some kind of abortion restrictions in place.



WHERE:         1 Civic Plaza

Albuquerque, NM


WHEN:            Wednesday, October 9

4 p.m.


In July, members of Protect ABQ Women & Children, along with other pro-life groups, turned in nearly 27,000 signatures, more than double the necessary needed to put the measure on a city-wide ballot, in half the allotted time. Protect ABQ Women & Children is a local advocacy campaign that is working to raise awareness of the dangers of the late-term abortion industry in Albuquerque and to garner support for the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance” which bans abortion after 20 weeks, or halfway through, pregnancy. For more information, visit albuquerque city council good

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