New Mexico Congressman Pearce returns paycheck to U.S. Treasury!


Today, U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce submitted a check to the U.S. Treasury Department for the amount of $6283.99, the amount he was paid during the partial government shutdown earlier this month.


“The shutdown impacted Americans,” said Pearce, “and it is wrong for members of Congress to receive a paycheck while other government employees faced uncertainty.  I announced when the shutdown began that I would return any pay received while the government wasn’t fully functioning.  In returning my pay I have requested that the Treasury apply the full amount to the national debt.”


Under the 27th Amendment, members of Congress are required to be paid, so Pearce still received pay for his work during the shutdown.  However, he promised to return to the Treasury any pay received during that time, and today made good on that promise.


Pearce calculated the amount as his salary for the 16 days the shutdown lasted not including taxes and withholding which are paid to the government regardless.


The text of Congressman Pearce’s letter to the Treasury is available here.steve pearce 4


  1. I bet no other of New Mexico’s Congress members will come close to thinking about such a leadership effort.

    Thank you Representative Pearce.

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