Karen Rowe: No one should have the right to say anything unless they are doing something about the cause!


speaking up 3speaking up 2Pastor Dewey Note: I loved this when I saw this post, we had a saying back home in our town and home, “Don’t complain unless you are working to solve the problem” My daddy a former US Marine SGT allowed no complaining and whining unless we were actively helping with a solution, no complaining about food, clothing, shelter either, we always had enough. Here’s Karen Rowe:  No one should have the right to say anything unless they are doing something about the cause.

No one should have the right to slander another human being …
The Bible says so …

Everyone should strive to remain at peace and get a job …
Then, the world’s issues would resolve.

No one can change anything unless they are first blessed themselves …
Because it is God who does convicting to change.

We are asked by God to CHOOSE blessings and then we are blessed to be a blessing.

The Spirit told me yesterday, “Just do YOUR job … and LET ME do mine.”
That means, God sees what is going on …

If anyone wants Scriptural back up, I will be happy to supply, but if everyone read God’s Word and committed their work to trusting God, Then, Jesus would be reflected well. Otherwise, If we are not seeking God’s will, then whose work do we do??? See James 3:13-18

Our job is FAITH according to Scripture and the Voice of the God Most High…anything else is a sin because we would be trying to be God.

I don’t have it all figured out, BUT God does … FOLLOW JESUS. (My personal motto & “we have to pray for ignorant people” My personal prayer challenge)

This was just on my heart to say today. I hope it was a blessing to someone, I know I challenge my heart 1st.

Love in Christ,

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